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Jam idea: Protocol Jam.

1 week to design a draft of a protocol and a prototype client.

Street art in Islamabad promoting the , which happens every year on International Working Women's Day.

where's the ditherpunk community I've got some content to show to it

I made an original song called "username" and gave it an animated youtube video. check it out~ c:

Pat done! Took a while! Lots of and related learning on the way. Also my first hand painted textures! I'm kinda proud of the fennec one.

cc @amaral @polychrome @MadestMadness @codepuppy

The hand crafted pats I promised like a month ago 😅




just found out someone made a game based on my famicart, and it's beautiful <3

"making money isn't bad", i shout, shoveling human souls into the cosmic blast furnace

Here are some quick ways to add lighting to a 3d model when all you have is the normal vector:

today i found the most monads online person in existence: Anatoly Fomenko, a russian/soviet mathematician and writer of several pseudohistorical novels about how everything we think happened in the ancient world actually happened in medieval times, who makes impressive gothic art based off topography

Finished this cute cloud girl and made her floating with carrot cake :>

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