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Hit me up if you have a media project that needs sound/music - games, movies, installations of any size, I'd love to talk about it :)

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The first release with my new artist name is there! It took me a while to get there, but I learned a lot and made friends along the way :triangle:

Just got a desk microphone stand to put my phone camera for streaming and video recording, will be so much nicer view than before!

As I was streaming I received my new smaller, shallow case for my system :)

Stream starting! I will be there in a few minutes, there's a bit of music playing in the meantime. We're going to do some modular exploration, including the granular madness that is the morphagene :triangle:

Doing my next stream in a bit less than 3 hours, will be eurorack focused this time! I just received a morphagene and I want to play around with it :)

I think I want to give linux another shot, but I need to figure out a plan of transition first. will have to switch some software I use for music

pretty low energy today, hope I'll have a good night of sleep to be better tomorrow.

I need to make the music stream more entertaining (for the viewers and myself :) ). What kind of things would you like to see live? Would love some insights!

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What do you prefer to use to watch someone stream music/music tech stuff? Twitch, youtube, something else?

Done for a first stream :) thanks for watching, next one Thursday!

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Stream starting in around 30-40 minutes 🔥🎶

live streaming setup for this afternoon is ready. Setting up audio on windows for streaming ableton is such a pain...but at least everything is good to go now :)

This is happening in 5 hours! few things to do first this morning but I am looking forward to this

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When I do a sound design session I like to finish by doing a quick play around with the new sample to test them out in some context :)

As I just put my real name here, I guess I'll introduce myself again :D

Hi everyone! I'm Quentin, a musician from Belgium. I live in the country side, make music, sound design, sometimes with traditional instruments, sometimes with hardware and code. I have a few releases under my old alias "Antoine De Muynck", and will be doing new ones with my usual stage name, Electret.

Feel free to DM me for anything music/musictech related :)

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Gonna do some music making livestream tomorrow. Sample work and maxmsp programming. First time in a long time so it might be a better t rough, but should be fun anyway 🔥

I submitted all my "Antoine De Muynck" releases to non bandcamp stores. Upcoming music will use my stage name again (electret). Feels like an interesting step. I used Antoine De Muynck as a way to have a "agent double" identity as a musician separated from my day job life. But as I'm moving to be full time on the music and visual art this doesn't seem necessary anymore. Feeling less fragmented now, it's good.

Playing silly noise on the guitar is still one of my favourite way to spend time 🔥

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