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The reason why everyone wants to play games like Stardew Valley is because they love the fantasy of autonomy over their work, home, and appearance

Looking for vegan alternative for butter in cooking (for things like cookies). Which one do you prefer?

Another step to control technology addiction and short attention span: no more phone in the pocket. When travelling, will be in the backpack. At home will be stored / recharged when necessary.

seeing colours on other screens feels surprising and special already

Started using phone in grayscale mode as an attempt to reduce marketing aggression. Will report later but it feels more peaceful

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@neauoire @cancel in , with my orca on OSC hello world!


i used a controller for changing the synth parameters live, but probably will be confusing to switch from controller to coding, so i'd like to control all the synth parameters with ORCA, it would be a problem to have 12-16 max osc arguments?

also: desktop screeshot

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Shift + / opens up a list of all the keyboard shortcuts for mastodon.

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Thanks @ckipp for making a list of all our most useful hashtags!


- Personal Projects
- Currently Listening..
- Visual Inspiration
- Games and Interactive art
- Literature
- Movies
- Programming
- Raspberry Pi, IoT
- Travel
- Cuisine
- Fashion
- To express own frustrations

I think I’m at that time where setup is good (enough) and the only thing to do is to work and practice. It’s both great and scary. More time for the actual creative work, more time to put my failings in front of my face.

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