"The ReCode Project is a community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing). Every translated work will be available to the public to learn from, share, and build on. "


The show this weekend was a blast. Managed to record it to improve next ones. Next shows 13th and 14th March, looking forward to it!

“Sometimes, the elegant implementation is just a function. Not a method. Not a class. Not a framework. Just a function.”

~Eric Elliot

prepped saturday show. Weird feeling because it's for a "modular synth" event but I tend to use the laptop a lot more these days...

I just spent my evening practicing for the second, but I'll to rehearse the livecoding tomorrow

Having 2 very different shows in 2 weeks. One livecoded "idm" show in streaming (as part of toplap15), the other an afternoon drone set

I just released Nero, a distraction-less alternative to the standard macOS menubar. 🖤

Nero is a collection of Übersicht widgets, and it also includes an Alfred theme.

It took me a bit of time to get this working, so I'll make this available to everyone!


one of the things I'd like to build is a controller with patch points. I want more physical interactions with my software

finished building the sonic potions lxr drum machine. Took a while but a fun challenge. Now it's time to get into designing my own hardware

our babysitter today was like "ugh i broke my macbook charger cord and im really not looking forward to having to pay for a new one" so I grabbed my soldering iron and heatshrink tubing and taught her how to fix cords herself and packed up everything she'd need to do it at home later.

She did a few with me there to help, did awesome, and is super excited about fixing it on her own.

Does this count as #solarpunk ?

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