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Pre-orders are available for a new album releasing this Friday! I am very proud of the music on this one. Thank you for your support!

@jrc03c understandable, perhaps next time I'll try a softer sell ;)

unfortunately I have no experience with 3rd party ssgs :(

I've worked on some pieces of a movie soundtrack today. But I can't share that, so here's my freshly uploaded live set from February ^^

I'm not releasing something new for Bandcamp Friday, but my previous release is still available and I'm really proud of it! Interesting read about NFT from an different point of view. Worth reading for artists, even with no interest in crypto.

Fights in Tight Spaces 

by the way if you like Into the Breach and Slay the Spire... Fights in Tight Spaces. Play it. It's my new favorite game.

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as a cyclist, I hate cars and reckless drivers ><

aand it's done already :D will repost on youtube later I think

Show thread if people want to see me play some live ambient in a few minutes :)

@electret Look up here:

I can vouch for both iSH and UVM - installed them both, though it might be a bit troublesome. Both seem to work decently enough so far!

There's 500 millions iPads on the planet, half of them sold before 2015, 22 different models. That's a lot of computers that need/will need repurposing at some point. Given the explosion in production in this kind of electronics this past decade, it might be interesting to target this kind of system :) Also includes old android tablets and phones!

Found a 8-9 years old unused iPad at my parent's house, and I managed to make it usable for music x) Pretty happy with this!

Not sure about "Most visionary game on Steam", but UBI-controlled slums, sentient bots and transgenics, prison/military-industrial complex, co-option of mass-movements, consensus manufacturing - Neofeud's got those!

My wife's new book is available for pre-order :) Might interest some of you!

successful first meeting with an artist for my creative sample pack label 🙌 approaching samples from a very artistic/human point of view feels nice and interesting!

@modularism I got the squid more for the mangling capabilities than for drums, but I have to say -> it's awesome for drums! right out of the box you don't need to know much to have cool sounds going. And the basics are quite intuitive. I got some cv assigned to params without reading that part of the manual yet. I played with recording guitar into it but I need to study recording and the cue system.

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Gotta love the second hand market 🙌 new version of Rene sequencer means the old one is available for cheap, and it’s still an awesome sequencer! Between that and the squid I have a lot to study now @modularism

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