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The online festival I organize is next week! @nff is taking part :) More information here:

Da Vinci Resolve "unexpectedly close", but asked me if I wanted to save first? :o

2 live sets recorded successfully! I'm tired now :D video edits and upload tomorrow (to be scheduled, not released yet but I'll let you know! )

This beautifully summarizes the essence of failure of the schooling system I grew up in.

Next up, I need to make an album with all of that! Should be the first thing I do that looks like a full length release :D

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I was afraid I'd have to play a bunch of old things, thinking my output this year wasn't good enough. But holy sh**, listening back to what I've done this past year, I didn't realized I did so much 😮 So it's going to be 100% unreleased tracks live shows! (I will record 2 different sets, for 2 different events!)

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I’ve been preparing some live performances I’m recording tomorrow ! Was anxious but I’m looking forward to it now! 🤗

Can anyone recommend a keyboard stand?
I don't like mine.. It's an X frame, it's height is controlled by pushing a pin through holes in a circular thing.. But it's either just too high or too low. See picture.. it is quite a common mechanism

Can anyone recommend a keyboard stand that's continuously variable?
Bonus points for two tier and cheap.


Artworks of the recent Swans albums and Michael Gira's drawings have a big impact on my art.

The raw drawing material in their cover art often gets space in the composition to express itself.

It's now a ritual for me to dedicate some of this 'raw' space in each artwork that i make

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I've been invited to play an online show on December 5! Between this and the festival I'm hosting (and playing at) on November 28 that will be a lot of music being shared :tealheart:

javascript in maxmsp has some uses that are not super documented but really cool. One of them: you can create a painter override method to customize UI elements to your needs. I'm currently using this to create custom multisliders for my sequencer. Same behaviour as a regular multislider, but the custom painter help to make things clearer. Shown here: the gate type selector, which can be none,gate, trigger, repeat.

If you have any emotional blocks or upsets regarding people, situations or similar, I'm currently offering these sessions on a pay-what-you-can basis:

If you're into there's a few interesting courses at
Music Hackspace
this month. I followed tonight's session and learned a lot! Definitely recommend :)

I'm looking for a livecoder who would be part of an under-represented demographic, for a well paying orca gig. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate? Hit me up :)


Clover ☘️

For centuries, it's been used as a domesticated ground cover plant. Clover nourishes other plants around it, by making trace minerals accessible and by fixing nitrogen from the air (it's a type of legume).

Just a few decades ago, it was considered an essential part of lawns. Clover seeds were always included with grass in seed mixes.

Then agricultural chemical companies convinced everyone it was a weed that needed to be killed, so they could sell both herbicides and lawn fertiliser.

Ugh 🙄 yes yes, lawns bad. Some of y’all are so predictable.


The modern version of lawns are monoculture wastelands, maintained by poisons, fertilisers, and fossil fuel powered blade machines. Those are undeniably terrible.

Lawns which actually support biodiversity of both plants and insects wouldn’t be nearly as bad. If people would get over their obsession with short trimmed homogenous grass, I wouldn’t hate them nearly as much.

tl;dr Don’t micromanage a lawn. Cultivate a tiny grassland.

Show thread music roundup 2 is live :) Will take a while for me to find my voice, feels weird to put words about other people music so I end up writing very little. Anyway, great music there, worth your time!

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