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Pre-orders are available for a new album releasing this Friday! I am very proud of the music on this one. Thank you for your support!

tiny rant about waste 

I know small makers are not the main problem in the climate situation etc but:

If you're making a device that could just be a stack of paper cards, maybe don't make a device, make a stack of paper cards.

Or make anything else than doesn't require producing more pcb waste (like leveraging existing electronics the users would have).

My favourite instrument these days is my old nylon string guitar. Such a joy to play it for the baby. No setup to worry about, and a very warm and gentle tone. Finger picking improvs and nice rhythms makes a happy baby

Friendly reminder that you are not immune to propaganda, manipulation, or persuasion.

Hey, parents. The things we do for our kids, am I right?

i had an idea for a little p5.js tool to glitch images a while back. @computersandblues and i then made it happen, together :laptop: :laptop:
with the glitch tool i created artworks using photos from my personal archive. you can also use the glitchmachine yourself:
feel free to reply with your creations.
i'm #newhere so i'm still trying to find people to connect with! #p5js #creativecoding

Having a lot of thoughts about mobility recently, I think I’ll spend some time consolidating them in written form. Not sure it’ll be very useful but at least I’ll have something to point people to when discussing this. Anything you’ve read on that topic you thought interesting I could read? Would like to nurture the thoughts instead of just random ramblings.

Was distance skating on a nice car allowed lane. Because of an event, some space around the lane was used for parking. Parking facilitator asked me to slow down to let a cat pass from one side to the other. Cars have priority on no car lane too now it seems 🤨

in a small day, I almost got it to feature complete. And I learned a lot:
* looping and looping with index
* splitting strings into list of chars
* using match
* creating errors
* making modules

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giving a try at learning rust again. I'm spending as little time as possible in tutorials, instead doing a simple project (a wordle CLI clone) and learning as I go forward.

“Social media wasn’t web 2.0, it’s what killed Web 2.0!”

I enjoyed this article on what web 2.0 actually was, and I’m tickled that I only saw it because @BenCollver posted it to comp.misc.

It's my birthday! I will be taking care of my little boy, practicing guitar and teaching music. Should be a perfect day :)

Doing simple exercises on guitar, trying to get them as clean as possible and paying attention to all the little details... very meditative and rewarding. Almost 30 years of guitar playing, still not bored.

this is not as exciting as I thought it would be haha. I have this memory of playing live with one back then but I refined my computer workflow so much since then that it seems tedious in comparison. Will still try to take advantage of the looper/mangler feature to record some guitar samples :)

Can't get over how good ppooll is. So few people know/talk about it but it's such a cool system for music, and I think more music tool makers should get some inspiration from it.

One of my students lent me his octatrack for a month x) I'm happy I'll be exploring this again, it's been a few years since I had access to one.

Surprise! You can *now* start listening to all the #fedivision #music! Find it on!

Voting will start tomorrow, 3 PM CEST.

Have fun and give some love to the musicians who made this possible! :blobhaj_heart:

i was hoping to get x-ray eyes or something on my 18th birthday but it never happened. so why have i heard so much about "adult supervision"

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