Pinned toot music roundup 2 is live :) Will take a while for me to find my voice, feels weird to put words about other people music so I end up writing very little. Anyway, great music there, worth your time!

Remember pico8? Nice simple platform for small retro 2d games. Someone is making a 3d doom like on it :o

I've been working on some motion design stuff for the promo of the festival I'm organising. This is fun :)

I did a video for @flavigula 's "Tintinnabulation". This has been an interesting project for me to work on. Forest shots are from Belgium, went there on the bike with my camera. I love going to the forest, and I think it's a great fit for the music :) Hope you like it!

A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

"The logic behind all this innovation is striking. The demand for pork drives the industrialised farming of pigs, which increases disease transmission. The constant emergence of diseases drives the implementation of new technologies such as AI pork farming. These technologies go on to make pork cheap, driving even more availability and demand, as people start to believe pork is a necessary part of their diet. And so the cycle continues. As AI solves certain problems, others emerge."

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"Some of the most delicious pork in China is currently being produced by one of the world’s largest, most profitable internet gaming companies. Since 2009, NetEase has been perfecting the art of raising pigs."

know comes the more annoying but important question...what to do with the old pickups? Is there anything to help these being recycled into something useful?

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I soldered new pickups on my guitar. I knew it would be an improvement from the 30 years old, bad quality, rusted pickups, but I didn't know it would be THAT much better!

Today is drum day! Haven’t done drum composition in months now 😮

went to a tedx yesterday. Some good talks but a few disappointments. Some talks had very low substance to them, despite having interesting topics.
As gift, everyone got some cheap 10$ headphones. Multiplied by the amount of participants, that's a lot of electronic & plastic waste. I think most people either don't care about audio or have decent headphones already, I can't see what part of the audience is happy with it outside of an initial "yeah, free tech!".

@cancel @neauoire @nihilazo @electret Your process for concluding that is extremely important though. More companies need to do "cradle to grave" lifecycle analyses and make that information more obvious to people buying stuff or else the "free market" can't do jack shit to help.

Energy star does these analyses for some products, my mum did a bunch about getting people to replace old refrigerators for them because for refrigerators it really was only like 10 years (fifteen years ago).

@neltnerb @cancel @electret @neauoire Using energy efficient tech and buying second-hand devices is still something I think is worth doing, even if it didn't have environmental impact. Throwing a spanner in the works of the profit model of large tech companies is ALWAYS worth it imo, even on a tiny scale

I commented on someone's post the other day about the cost of music gear, and how most gear is not required despite what youtube/ads/influencers could make us believe.

On the flipside, there's the purchases that really made a long term positive impact to your process. For me, it's my guitar, my field recorder, and my delay/looper pedal. What about you?

I never participate to inktober, but seeing what you are doing is cool! This is going to be a great month :)

ppooll website is down, made a mirror of the files and added basic usage info. Might copy more If people need/care :)

I'm looking for artists for an online event I organize end of November. It's based on pre-recorded material so no live streaming requirement here. What would be good: videos of live performance, DJ mixes, talks about music making. DM me for more details :)

Got into ppooll (music creation platform) today. Pretty impressive how this old UI system is so underexplored.

This will be published mid October, so if it's to be released by then that works too!

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