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Hit me up if you have a media project that needs sound/music - games, movies, installations of any size, I'd love to talk about it :)

2 cool things arrived today: custom pcb for the diy group buy I organised, and my new freestyle skateboard 🙌

Today is my birthday, so guitar/maxmsp/family time it is 🔥

already saw the blocked page a few times this evening. makes it so visible how bad habits get formed :o

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I put a browser extension to block twitter. step 1 to stop using it entirely I guess

hardest thing for me since I'm full time artist: recognizing the times I don't feel great where working more would help versus the one where resting more would help. Had a headache until I picked some task and worked on it :D

Can't stop thinking about getting back skateboarding but I hurt my knees and need to recover properly first :(

If only everyone who read Harry Potter had just read all of Earthsea instead.

windows pushing for edge browser aggressively in latest OS update...

Starting a new webradio show! If you want to share your music, let me know!

Can we get all the « good cops » were seing now kneeling and being nice to go stop and arrest their racist violent colleagues please ? Stop hugging black people and start arresting racists.

I'm glad this moment of support for Black lives is happening, but it needs to last for longer than a moment. Sadly we've been here many times before. You don't need to wait for another Black person to be killed before you start taking action.

My wife just got fired 😱We saw it coming months ago but the covid crisis accelerated the situation. It’s still a bit of a shock but we’ll be okay.

20 years after its release, I'm playing pokemon pinball again (on gameboy color) :D

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