tomorrow focus is preparing the livecoding show of this weekend. I have a lot of things on my plate, but I'm glad I can dedicate a whole day for this one.

@electret @npisanti What's your streaming setup like? How does it work with eulerroom?

@neauoire @npisanti will be on the macbook, with OBS & soundflower. TidalCycles -> ableton, with guitar to ableton as well (hopefuly with effects controlled by tidal midi). For eulerroom, there's instructions, and they give some credentials.

@neauoire @electret at first i start jack with qjackctl, then my oF synth engine and then OBS, then i can patch the engine into OBS with the gui of qjackctl, then i start orca-c, ready to press "start streaming"

all the other more generic instructions are here, but probably you already checked this --->

ps: remember to deactivate the computer mic in OBS, it could feedback

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