@neauoire yes :) I've been using it for a while without enclosure now, i was waiting for the acrylic plates and encoder caps. But it's a lot more enjoyable to use now! It's one of the easiest build I've done, as you only have to solder the mechanical pieces, the smd was done in advance.

@electret Oh! That's awesome, Im might :) Thanks for the head's up, I totally had missed that thread.

@big_chip yes there is :) I had the early version with pcb only, had to source my own parts. But there's a full kit now I think!

@electret well now I am going to be torn between Norns or Teletype.

@big_chip the 2 are very different. I know there's a lot of sequencing stuff happening on the norns, but to me norns shines most in the audio manipulation side of things. But it's mostly an app platform. You can build apps and then use them. With teletype it's a lot more "build as you go", more immediate and intuitive. And still my favourite eurorack sequencer.

@big_chip and yes, I realize my answer is not helping to make a choice, sorry. I guess I'd say: if you have a crow, norns is nice to have, if you don't, teletype is likely to be more interesting first.

@electret I think teletype would make a good addition to my rack. Norns would just be a nice toy but likely just sit on a shelf. Just trying to rebuild my rack at the moment around the telharmonic and the teletype stood out as a good controller for both percussive and drone patches.

@big_chip teletype is the most flexible sequencer I def recommend it :) you can easily set it up as a very simple sequencer, or use it to create more complex behaviour, generative patches...I also love the i2c interaction with modules like just friends.

@big_chip also, I have a crow module. Less immediate/intuitive, but it's super flexible and nice :)

@electret just friends is a module that looks interesting but i have no idea what it really does. Im trying to build a system that I can use on my lap on the sofa with headphones so limited space means I am often overlooking modules like that at the moment.

@big_chip you ca check out the just type studies to have a better idea of how it can be used :) monome.org/docs/teletype/jt-1/

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