Using some old speakers and mixer, I set up my music system to be usable without the computer, while having a view of the trees outside 😊 I’m not a dawless purist or anything, I still use ableton in my core workflow. But being able to jam without it is nice

I also really like that it didn’t imply buying more stuff. The speakers are not amazing but they are good enough 😊

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@electret Something i currently miss from my desk/room: A window! (With a view on nature/some living things would be nice too haha)

@ghostlevel it really makes a difference to me! I'd prefer having a smaller setup and a window than the other way around

@electret I bet! (I currently dont have a choice at all.)

@electret I'm a total computer music nerd but I love your setup!

@electret I sorta wanna learn Ableton because it's so powerful but it's also sooo expensive 😭

@metasyn it's expensive but look out for offers, there's deals sometimes :) For me ableton is super worth it because I use it for everything, and I pretty much don't use plugins. The included effects are awesome.

@metasyn I think there's a longer unlimited trial too, because of lockdown

@metasyn if you ever need some help with ableton I'm happy to do a video call btw ;)

@metasyn no worries, I love helping out with that, got a few person started with it already 😊

@electret oh nice that is a big sale. Maybe I'll splurge. It feels like industry-standard but then it also starts to remind me of the whole Adobe situation hah

@metasyn doesn’t feel standard to me, lot of people still on logic/cubase/etc. But it’s a really nice workflow, worth learning/trying at least

@electret i spy with my little eye a teletype. Nice setup, wish I could get power to a window.

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