@electret so is just friends the only sound source in this?

@electret that module looks soooo interesting. The more I look at it the more I think I want it but am still trying to get my head around it.

@big_chip Check out the teletype just type studies, it shows a lot of what makes it special! Having crow or teletype really opens up the module. And you have a teletype so it’s half the battle already 😎 I will do teletype videos soon but I’m waiting for a screen replacement, got some issue on it

@electret I took a brief look but am putting it on the back burner for a bit to concentrate on the modules I have at the moment, trying not to get too distracted by too many new shiny things. Happy with the telharmonic at the moment but if (when) I change it up I might drop a just friends and a filter in my rig and have the just friends as the centre piece instead.

At the moment I just feel like I need more clocks for the teletype but I’m still learning.

@big_chip i tend to use the teletype internal clock a lot but I get it, external sequencing can open it up in nice ways. Do you have any recordings with your setup?

@electret I think its always a temptation to get the max out a bit, with a maths, telharmonic and wogglebug I have quite a few triggers but I have 8 trigger inputs so my head wants 8 output to match.

No recordings at the moment but will be making some as soon as I get to grips with the system a bit more.

@big_chip what struck me with the studies is how simple a script can be, yet having very nice musical outcomes. Same with the videos I did this past few weeks. It's all based on pretty simple ideas, using a few modules. Looking forward to what you make :)

@electret that’s kinda the direction I am taking my system in now. I started a while ago trying to make a rig thats all things; part synth, part drum machine, part sampler. Since learning and playing with it I have learned to pair it back and focus on one thing instead of trying to do everything. Should end up with a small characterful system.

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