Is there an alternative to electron that doesn’t use chromium?

@electret I know about sciter and fman build system, but thats about it …

@electret This one is interesting as well

@electret something that uses javascript? No. That's the whole problem right, the spec is too hard to follow, only chromium supports the js stuff fully. example: WebMidi

@neauoire ah no I actually want to build a proof of concept for what a "alternative minimal web" browser could be.

My spec would be a subset of html (focussed on semantic html) and no JS. The css would be themes on the end user side. I have a few others ideas for how details would work but I need a prototype to see the feel of it :)

@neauoire if I end up having to use chromium for the prototype it doesn't matter too much but I want to have a look at options :)

@electret I'd recommend not using chromium for a prototype, it'll just make prototyping very heavy, it's veyr long to rebuild/dev on the fly.

@electret @neauoire

Not sure how modifiable netsurf is or how the code looks. But it's a far simpler browser in many ways.

@electret Oh! In that case, that's easier, it's what I've been doing myself these past few days. The Mothra codebase is very simple for example and can draw most basic html tags and is just 1 file. You could also find a gopher client and use it as a base, they're usually very small.

@neauoire oh that's a very different approach than what I had in mind but that sounds like a great idea, thank you!

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