I commented on someone's post the other day about the cost of music gear, and how most gear is not required despite what youtube/ads/influencers could make us believe.

On the flipside, there's the purchases that really made a long term positive impact to your process. For me, it's my guitar, my field recorder, and my delay/looper pedal. What about you?

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@electret i am really happy about having purchased an elektron digitakt. i don't think there is any combo of other instruments where i wouldn't want it. that and the moog dfam, its so much more fun than i thought to make shitty minimalist techno hahah

@metasyn I didn't like the mother-32, but the dfam is a joyful machine :)

@electret the mother-32 sequencer is a bit dull; a recent firmware update made it a little better. its a beautiful voice with some reverb but... too expensive for what it is i think :( i'm still glad i got it, but yeah, the dfam is amazing. you just get sucked in

@electret +1 on a looper pedal. It's my preferred tool for both practising and songwriting.

The other purchase I'm glad about is a simple analog synth. Having a physical interface for sound design has proven much more inspiring than all the fancy plugin synths and samples.

@ics having access to a simple synth also help to demystify all the other synths that exist when you realize the building blocks are always the same and it's just variations of flavors :D

@electret That's very true. And it also eliminates the dependency on multiple software platforms (OS, DAW, plugin maker). I'm definitely going back to a more hardware-centric setup.

@electret a decent pair of headphones for me. I’ve replaced my Sony MDRs 3 times in about 20 years, they aren’t super expensive or anything but they are flat and I know them well.

@electret I have quite a lot of gear, but having a decent microphone (shure sm57) was a big turning point for me. also a knock-off tube screamer pedal helps a lot with both guitar and synths

@alexsleepy when my first band broke down, I got a sm57 from our collective purchases. I didn't have anything to actually make use of it, but it's still my main mic now :)

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