"Some of the most delicious pork in China is currently being produced by one of the world’s largest, most profitable internet gaming companies. Since 2009, NetEase has been perfecting the art of raising pigs."

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"The logic behind all this innovation is striking. The demand for pork drives the industrialised farming of pigs, which increases disease transmission. The constant emergence of diseases drives the implementation of new technologies such as AI pork farming. These technologies go on to make pork cheap, driving even more availability and demand, as people start to believe pork is a necessary part of their diet. And so the cycle continues. As AI solves certain problems, others emerge."

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@xj9 I wholeheartedly agree. Let's save the world and not wear capes doing it.


@xj9 indeed :) I think it's a fascinating topic, I see so many people that believe they are supposed to eat meat. Even more, that they are supposed to eat meat at least once a day.

@electret We're reaching a point where you need to ask if your videogames are vegan now? What a world we live in.
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