Instruō put their module line in VCV Rack for free! This is a really smart and generous move :) Having a lot of fun with this right now! @modularism

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I was just browsing some of their modules on Modular Grid today. I want the one that interacts with plants.

(I used to use VCV rack, but then migrated to hardware ...)


@flavigula @modularism I use hardware most of the time, but I like using vcv rack to create monster patches that I can't make in hardware :) I love being able to put 5 instances of one module without thinking too hard about it :D

@electret @flavigula @modularism I find patches from #vcvrack much less dynamic, then coming from my modular. The limits of midi, of screem control. Can't work with this, other than disregarding dynamics. Anybody using this with controllers, that exceed the midi limit of 128 values? Maybe i am missing out on an essential feature here. OSC support?

@flavigula @modularism which one interacts with plants? can't you just put an electrode through a bosster, then connect it to whatever you want? did i not get the joke again?

@flavigula @modularism Hmm. Two electrodes & random called "natural timing" for 280 pounds.? Goodness, there is easier DIY ways.


Yes - true.
But I've come to the conclusion that I'm useless with hardware (at least DIY stuff). If it can be programmed, that's no problem, but soldering, etc, is beyond my capabilities.


@flavigula @modularism Ha, we were there before. A zink electrode should be max 10€ for a plate, drill a small hole at one end, attach cabl with alligator clips and there you go. could be done without soldering :)

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