what if we spoke about electronic music making without using the names of manufacturers?

can the forum support this kind of conversation? if not, what does that say about the landscape of internet music communities?

A thread by @z


@neauoire @z This thread is making me very aware of my lack of gear-knowledge.

@paul @z A lot of it made me think Thoreau's essay "Walking", where he's like, walking is faster than taking a car, by the time you've worked enough to afford the car and the gas, I will have beat you there.

I feel the same about all this fancy distracting hardware.

@neauoire @paul @z this thread makes me think about how used we've become to talk about music making in term of "how" and not so much in term of "why". So much of the modern music output is shared on youtube with titles like "<style> with <gear>". It's often good, but there's a part of magic that dies with it.

@neauoire @paul @z I love to obsess trying to guess how someone made something, read about it in interviews etc. But it's _after_ I already fell in love with the piece. We're encouraged to become willing billboards for product we buy in the name of SEO.

The thought of buying trendy gear because it would make for popular videos has crossed my mind a few times, and some of my most popular videos are linked to a piece of gear.


@neauoire @paul @z I'm nostalgic for the time I could make music on my laptop not feeling any desire for anything else. Trying to get back there but it will take a while. A bit like I still crave for a cigarette a few times a year even though I stopped more than 10 years ago.

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@electret @neauoire @paul @z i feel this. I used to walk into my room, tap on the computer and just music for hours without distraction.

Where that went, I don’t know.

Also I stopped smoking about 15 years back and someone walked past smoking the other day and it all came back.

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