Gotta love the second hand market 🙌 new version of Rene sequencer means the old one is available for cheap, and it’s still an awesome sequencer! Between that and the squid I have a lot to study now @modularism

Did some shooting for the video I'm releasing tonight. Couldn't resist taking some stills too, beautiful nature :)

Upgraded my studio with some DIY acoustic panels! Makes a big difference, the room is more enjoyable to be in now 😎

javascript in maxmsp has some uses that are not super documented but really cool. One of them: you can create a painter override method to customize UI elements to your needs. I'm currently using this to create custom multisliders for my sequencer. Same behaviour as a regular multislider, but the custom painter help to make things clearer. Shown here: the gate type selector, which can be none,gate, trigger, repeat.

Here's two pictures from my photography session in the foggy forest from earlier this week :) Didn't need to edit them much.

Did a very good training session for the race next month. Practiced both leg pushing motions on a uphill slope. Getting more powerful pushes and better balance on my weaker leg! 🛹 to that I also add non skate endurance training (running and biking), and core muscle renforcement exercises

First distance trip on a longboard today! 20 km, not too long but a lot of fun. Lot of green areas and nice paths along the way, really enjoyable and a very different experience than a bike. Feels a lot more free and flowing.

2 cool things arrived today: custom pcb for the diy group buy I organised, and my new freestyle skateboard 🙌

Again in the reuse don’t buy theme, check out this vintage pencil sharpener

Found this at my parents 😊 doesn’t work anymore but I’ll research to find possible fix

Using some old speakers and mixer, I set up my music system to be usable without the computer, while having a view of the trees outside 😊 I’m not a dawless purist or anything, I still use ableton in my core workflow. But being able to jam without it is nice

2020 is becoming peak alternate reality. Pollution is going way down, many companies are forced to let their employees work remote, and hardware tracker are getting closer to mainstream than ever.

A friend is giving me an unused vintage-ey mixer (previously used in pro broadcast stuff). Crazy how much great gear lays around people houses, glad this one will be put to use :)

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