playing live yesterday was a blast :) anyone knows places interested in experimental/ambient guitar, let me know!

@focus404 makes me hopeful for what comes next, going to work on getting more bookings now that it's opening up! Btw if you know small venues in Barcelona I'm game, have some family there!

I'm going to play a proper live show end of this month! It's been so long, almost can't believe it :o

@jrc03c understandable, perhaps next time I'll try a softer sell ;)

unfortunately I have no experience with 3rd party ssgs :(

@neauoire intuition would tell me gadget, because an axe can do that and more. Also this has moving parts, so less durable/fixable than an axe.

@jameschip I live with an author and I can confirm it's 100% an iterative process 😂 includes doubts, tears, massive rewrites, things that look easy ending up really hard, things that look hard ending up easy...

Short fiction is a great way to approach it btw. Smaller scope, quicker payoff :)


@neauoire if there's one thing I didn't expect, it's the cycle from "instagram not allowing multiple link in bio" -> link in bio as a service -> people creating a competitor to what is ultimately a ul>li with links

@aynish @jameschip It's a very good idea I think, and really sounds doable (depending on where you live and cost of fields around it)

@aynish @jameschip In my country (Belgium), you'd make a non profit entity that could own the place and organize it. You could then be as flexible as you want in term of who gets access to the space etc.

@jayrope I’m trying to bring more joy and humor to my electronic music. It’s not always easy but the results are worth it!

I've worked on some pieces of a movie soundtrack today. But I can't share that, so here's my freshly uploaded live set from February ^^

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