@benk @fribbledom the one I’ve seen were. I’m sure you could find places where they would be illegal, but that’s like many other things 😊

@fribbledom a lot of discussions I’ve seen about bitcoin end up being a lot of noise, with at the core the dangerous belief that “newer, more complex technology is better”. If you want to see a great financial technology, have a look into local alternative currencies, it’s low tech, and usually promote positive change.

@mario_afk shaders are so cool to learn and use :) hope you'll have a great time!

@TQ haven't played it yet but I'm looking forward to it :) waiting to get a full day off to kick it off in a intense geeky session :D

@nx physics and astronomy are interesting but they don’t answer the same questions 😊

@nx of course, this doesn’t excuse people doing bad things, but that can be said of any beliefs system, some people are reasonable, other use it to justify shitty behaviour and shield themselves from criticism.

@nx nicest way I’ve seen to look at astrology is like “oblique strategies” from Brian Zeno, but for life instead of creative practice. When times are uncertain and you don’t know what to do, even a random guide can be better than doubt and inaction.

successful first meeting with an artist for my creative sample pack label 🙌 approaching samples from a very artistic/human point of view feels nice and interesting!

@modularism I got the squid more for the mangling capabilities than for drums, but I have to say -> it's awesome for drums! right out of the box you don't need to know much to have cool sounds going. And the basics are quite intuitive. I got some cv assigned to params without reading that part of the manual yet. I played with recording guitar into it but I need to study recording and the cue system.

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@jameschip @inscript @modularism they help to make it nice while no modules are filling these spaces :) I have a 4ms SMR coming to fill the top space (was popular a few years ago but quite cheap now), and I should build a befaco crush delay for the bottom, in a few months.

Gotta love the second hand market 🙌 new version of Rene sequencer means the old one is available for cheap, and it’s still an awesome sequencer! Between that and the squid I have a lot to study now @modularism

@jameschip @whtrbt I remember how I got my mind blown when I learned that using black for shadow was not the best idea :o

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