@neauoire I bought it :D Not every day you can say you bought a new NES game.

@stephen have you mentioned it on the lurk channels? they might be able to help

@stephen are you sure it's because of superdirt? it might be some tidal orbit fighting? reverb is per orbit, so if multiple tracks are playing on same orbit but different reverb setting you can get issues

Quarantine thoughts 

Open mic went great! I've been streaming for almost 5 hours :o was fun

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A live electronic music open mic is starting soon on twitch! currently playing some tracks before the show

Calling smartphone equipped teenagers 'digital natives' is a mistake because a smartphone makes you a consumer rather than a native of anything.

If you want a child to become a digital native give them an actual computer instead of a corporate controlled and curated consumer device.

@DiFFtY a la place on nous dit d'arreter de streamer parce qu'il faut bosser xD

@neauoire if you’re live-streaming for free, do it for yourself, or because you’re sharing it to a community that you care about (like the equinox stream).

For myself, the « what do you do » is recording more music, having some chilled live playing, keeping my expenses low and waiting it out. I might need to change my strategy later but there’s too much noise right now. Really hoping for gigs to be possible again soon as it’s the only sustainable money.

fediverse meta 

@neauoire having a node server script and a way to run it along the web page would make it possible to support OSC without electron :)

brutal. thank you to all artists for making our society worth living in.

to everyone else: pay artists. they're doing real labor

AND NOT IN GIFTCARDS. NOT IN EXPOSURE. If you value an artist's work, act like it. nobody can buy groceries or pay rent in exposure

@neauoire at a time where there’s pressure to use the extra time to be productive (like : let’s use confinement to learn a new tool/ study x / etc), playing a game can be an act of self care and rebellion. Also, the shared experience of a new game when there’s a lot of isolation can help to create social connection. I’m not playing but my wife is, and I know the relief it provides to her.

La preuve que Bandcamp c'est la meilleure plateforme musicale : déjà que c'est eux qui donne le plus gros cachet aux artistes, en plus ils vont retirer leur commission demain toute la journée. Soutenez vos artistes préférés !


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