@xuv @Merristasis @cblgh @somnius @neauoire I like this a lot better than the square. Square make it look like character is missing

@falt_ yeah, that's why I was separating them between social and personal actions. I think the "like" action is important, and actually predates the blue network by a long time. People have +1'ed for ages on irc and forums.
If I'm not on topic I misunderstood your point :( If so I'm eager for clarification, as UX talk is something I find important and interesting :)

@falt_ I like a lot of messages as a way to aknowledge them, if they were part of my bookmark list the list would end up too large to be really useful.

@falt_ @xuv @somnius @neauoire I do like the granularity these action provides. Likes helps to avoid flood of "this is cool" messages. Removing it would make merveilles asymetric in features in the federated system (can't reciprocate likes).
You get social actions with various degree of engagement (reply, boost, like), and personal action (bookmark).

@gaeel sure is :) still getting used to it but I got some cool sounds out of it

Just got a desk microphone stand to put my phone camera for streaming and video recording, will be so much nicer view than before!

@bee I'm thinking of giving some cooking workshop to people around me that can't cook. You don't need much knowledge to do the basics.

@luka @schematicwizard thanks :) The thing I'm the most scared is how used I am to ableton. Not having this safety net anymore worries me a bit.

@big_chip that's true :) Really depends what you're looking for

@big_chip I'm also tempted to get an ER-301 to complete the serie (and remove the FC product). This is getting close to be a full digital system :D

@big_chip The stages from MI fills the need of a maths well for me :) Morphagene is awesome, but I actually have a DIY clouds on the way to fill the space :D I love granular effects so for me 2 flavours is great. I like that morphagene can load samples, and clouds has very different control and sound.

As I was streaming I received my new smaller, shallow case for my system :)

@tbd :( I will sort that out for next time, thanks for telling me!

Stream starting! I will be there in a few minutes, there's a bit of music playing in the meantime. We're going to do some modular exploration, including the granular madness that is the morphagene :triangle: twitch.tv/electret_

Doing my next stream in a bit less than 3 hours, will be eurorack focused this time! I just received a morphagene and I want to play around with it :) twitch.tv/electret_/

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