I've worked on some pieces of a movie soundtrack today. But I can't share that, so here's my freshly uploaded live set from February ^^

@neauoire my link tree is just a homemade static page on my website 😂 I don’t understand who need linktree, it’s the simplest page to make ever

@joachim non seulement climatoseptique, mais aussi une mauvaise chose pour l'art et les artistes de toute facon. Aucune bonne raison de les utiliser, et la seule bonne raison d'en parler une fois informé c'est pour mettre en garde les autres!

I'm not releasing something new for Bandcamp Friday, but my previous release is still available and I'm really proud of it! quentinleonetti.bandcamp.com/a

@varranvar @vortok yeah, everything I'm reading points me in this direction too :/ pretty sad but not surprising

@yaxu because horses are semi-sacred animals and not many people eat them... the hierarchy of living creature is in full display there.

@joshavanier i wouldn't say unnecessary, because I've heard of problem it's trying to solve for years now. But this iteration doesn't seem to be the solution, and just another crypto playground for rich dudes.

firstfloor.substack.com/p/unpa Interesting read about NFT from an different point of view. Worth reading for artists, even with no interest in crypto.

@vortok it's not a new problem "medium > message" has been discussed for decades now. But I don't think it would even be discussed if artists had more access to a decent living. Artists interests being aligned with big crypto money people, doesn't seem right.

@vortok gas fees are more in the cost and benefits side. On one hand, it's not good for humanity's long term future (but you could say, what is?), on the other hand, I'm broke and covid makes it impossible for me to play (paid) gigs.

@vortok annoying because of the amount of discussion about NFT in general ^^ People are talking less about their art, more about the medium they use to sell it.

@vortok it's kind of annoying to me how prevalent it became. I wish I could just ignore this but now I need to make a decision on participating or not in this. And there's benefits and costs no matter the result.

@vortok I won't shit on any artist doing NFTs, if it made sense for me I'd do it too, I'm pretty broke these days... But I'm definitely questioning the motivations of the platforms and collectors here.

@vortok what I don't see discussed about NFTs is how much collectors buy NFT because they are crypto verso because they care about the art. If the same art was sold on a "regular" art marketplace, would they buy it at all? How much of this is just crypto hype?

Fights in Tight Spaces 

by the way if you like Into the Breach and Slay the Spire... Fights in Tight Spaces. Play it. It's my new favorite game. fightsintightspaces.com/

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as a cyclist, I hate cars and reckless drivers ><

aand it's done already :D will repost on youtube later I think

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