Announcing - an open-source, ActivityPub-compliant alternative to GoodReads, Coursera etc.

The goal is to build humanity's universal learning map by tagging learning resources with rich metadata such as topics, format, length, cost etc. There's a companion browser extension, a mobile app and peer-groups for project-based learning, mentored by selected experts and more.

The webapp is built with Ruby, Rails and PostgreSQL. Inviting devs:

@nilesh I was thinking of the other side of the coin here. I want to add activity pub support to my website so people can subscribe to updates via their activitypub client l.

@fribbledom I also think there's a negative ecological impact. The normalisation of e-scooters against regular scooters (or bikes, skates, etc), means they become a hobby purchase for a lot of people/parents. And because it's relatively recent/cheap tech people will upgrade them more frequently than they'd upgrade a bike.

@fribbledom I think they are fine, but not as nice as e-bikes. e-bikes are an assistive technology, the motor accompany you as you push, handling is similar to a vehicle already decently integrated in general traffic, and bigger wheels make them more flexible.

new music blog is up! A couple of things left to do (like rss support), but there's already a few music recommendations for you :)

@jameschip Having a cli tool help for automation :) And given the extra features available in github it make sense they'd want to make that available to their customers.

@rek @JonathanPires I have fast internet and can confirm the site Jonathan's site loads pretty slow.

@megabyteGhost @tendigits I don't have any of the moog synths heavily featured in that one so I don't think it make sense for me :p but if someone let me borrow it I'll happily read it :D

@megabyteGhost @tendigits I have their pedal book, as a guitarist and pedal fan it's a fantastic one :)

@dualhammers only difference is these one are getting paid to do it 😂 Christianity was used in similar ways

Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle

A principle is something that you can see — as a moral right and wrong — and feel a responsibility (not an opportunity) to change.

Usually acting on principle is a social behaviour, but it exists in software too.

Bret is the person who most inspires me right now.

@amorris what's cool with this is that it's a great example of adapting art practice to new technologies. "Oh we can't do shades on these metal plates? Sure no problem"

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