@jakechvatal to get the full potential you'd need hardware change as well -> as long as the hardware is a mutable memory system, it's always going to be a leaky abstraction ?

Several studies have concluded that the BLM protests haven't increased the spread of COVID19. Here are some reasons why. — feedproxy.google.com/~r/dmagaz

@stephen well... I wrote javascript, and I did write tracking code for a client

@stephen that seems like a weird goal to set, what's your logic behind it?

@Lutrinus what stories do _you_ want to tell? Do your research, and accept that you will make mistakes no matter what, and tell those stories. Don't filter what you want to say through what you think others want to read.

@peregrine @cblgh it’s also not very eco friendly to transfer massive amount of data back and forth online

@cblgh the UI is the easy part, but you'd need pretty beefy servers to store all that video data, and processors to compile the videos, send previews, etc. It's feasible but there might not be enough money to make to be worth it.

@ice sci-fi to avoid politics is the worst kind of sci-fi >< the whole point of it (to me) is that sci-fi enables you to tackle topics that would be "too close" to discuss in a current time story. This is missing the point :(

@s_ol @leo laptop wise they have had a few iterations that have been worse in that direction. But I’m curious of what will happen with EU pushing for right to repair. Anecdotally, I have an iMac that has been going strong for 5+ years, and I’m on a 4 years iPhone without issues.

Marketing wise, I don’t know a brand that’s not encouraging to buy newer and replace faster. Even greener brands push you to stop using working machines for a green-ish replacement

@udell_games @Gargron seems like the right solution to find the most common colour yeah.

@air_pump they should use comic sans instead of pretenting what they do is classy

@pezec autant c’est une bonne nouvelle, autant je trouve leur explication décevante. J’aurai préféré une explication liée à ce que représente Léopold II que ça.

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@somnius is there a way to have a referral system with mastodon? I remember being on a invite only community a few years ago and it was quite nice

@flavigula @ics then send an email to ableton to ask if it’s compatible with ardour 🤪

@flavigula @ics haha yeah I get it :p you can always send a mail to faderfox and ask :)

@flavigula @ics maybe control surface list is just device with preconfigured control scheme? Not all midi device show up in ableton but I can still use them

2 cool things arrived today: custom pcb for the diy group buy I organised, and my new freestyle skateboard 🙌

@dualhammers @gendor I agree on that. I think the antidote to this is empathy, but it's not easy to be selfless. And if you have economic privilege and children, it becomes a balancing act between protecting your children future with your money and trying to make the world better for everyone.

I don't have much to say about your previous message, but it's making me think, thank you :)

@dualhammers @gendor both would be fine to me, give me the answer that you feel is right for what you want to say, or both. I'm here for genuine, kind conversation :)

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@dualhammers @gendor what would a good system look like to you?

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