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boosts are appreciated, we would like more people to participate :)

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I'm updating a course from my company and need to install xcode again :( "There is not enough disk space available to install the product." 😱 🤦‍♂️ I have 20gb of free space how is that not enough

writing a blog became easier when I stopped worrying about creating a perfect substrate.

I notice others fall into this trap, too. Trying to design a flexible system and burning out without ever adding any content.

Write first.

Downloading some old public domain movie to build some scoring portfolio. This is going to be fun

I finally got a replacement for my portable recorder :) First use for it: door sounds. Time to cut these into usable sounds

Hit me up if you have a media project that needs sound/music - games, movies, installations of any size, I'd love to talk about it :)

This year will be the year of risk taking for me.
Nice bit of live coding - like the simplicity of sonic pi, and this style of ambient music.

Someone asked me about sequencing in eurorack so I wrote some notes about it.

The modular is out of storage! Managed to set it back up and working. Super limited setup but it has a square oscillator, a polivoks filter and midi input so that will work anyway 🔥

I do miss the playfulness of the modular synth though. I need to bring it out of storage and find a place to set it up again.

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As I was rebuilding my website, I could see I did 6 music releases last year. Was feeling down about my music output lately but I should be proud of myself instead :o

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