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@dualhammers yeah exactly, make every bean count. Don't fret over getting to the finish line faster, it's about the way there.

I've been thinking about integrating the guitar during my livecoding shows. Most plausible idea right now is putting the guitar into ableton looper while playing tidalcycles. Need to practice this and test it out.

Got invited to play a show in Brussels :D While share details when event is announced!

made a mix of tracks and sounds to share with people I might work with (8min12). As most of my music is dron-ey, listening to cuts of it like this is actually quite enjoyable to me :D

@Merristasis about the gamejam, I was thinking it would be nice if we could have a merveilles subdomain to showcase the game mades (with a simple static gallery page). we could use the website to show the rules, deadline and where to submit as a start, then do the gallery. could be on ?

A friend is giving me an unused vintage-ey mixer (previously used in pro broadcast stuff). Crazy how much great gear lays around people houses, glad this one will be put to use :)

Made a draft of my new artist bio. Felt a bit pretentious but it's a required step to get the kind of shows/events I'm looking to do.

I'm so close to like linux...It's fantastic for dev, looks like there's enough tools for the creative work, I can leverage the familiarity from macos. There's a few sacrifices I'm willing to make (which daw I use, lack of plugins I know), but if I can't get my audio setup to work the way I need it to, what's the point?

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why is audio such a pain everywhere but macos? even if I figure out how to get this setup working, there's no guarantee any change I make won't break it and force me to fight with it again. Not something I want to have to deal with when playing live shows ><

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I have a webcam audio, and a focusrite scarlett 2i4 audio interface.

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I'm not managing to see all the audio hardware in qjackctl and connecting stuff right. Anyone as some pointers for me?

The livecoding plugin for crow is now available and published on the atom package repository

Not working as an engineer but being able to code for projects I care about is awesome. Finally back to code as a tool for my artistic practice instead of serving corporate interests. Haven't been this happy programming since I helped on Ronin

I will be doing some more lua x modular coding on the livestream in less than 2 hours. Which also means, I need to cook and eat now :D vegan pasta risotto with mushrooms

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Still need some jack config work to be stream ready so I'll still be on windows tomorrow. But it's getting close!

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