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Again in the reuse don’t buy theme, check out this vintage pencil sharpener

and now I'm listening to a Fennesz tape with it :) quite lofi but it's nice

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Found this at my parents 😊 doesn’t work anymore but I’ll research to find possible fix

I also really like that it didn’t imply buying more stuff. The speakers are not amazing but they are good enough 😊

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Using some old speakers and mixer, I set up my music system to be usable without the computer, while having a view of the trees outside 😊 I’m not a dawless purist or anything, I still use ableton in my core workflow. But being able to jam without it is nice

Got some very positive feedback on my last release, made my day <3

New music video :) I also have a small music release coming this Friday! DM me if you want a bandcamp code

Anybody has tricks to make rats go away without hurting them? Most stuff I see is about killing them, which is a big NOPE for me

uploaded a music video to youtube, scheduled on Tuesday :) Still rusty on the video editing chops but it's a step!

New out today. and Free (pay what you want). Also includes remix stems so you can make your own!

Featuring remixes by @electret and @Wetdryvac

The music can also be found on your favorite streaming service.

Started to learn blender as a video editor, it looks good! Esp with the latest blender updates. I worked in adobe premiere when I worked in media, but didn't want to pay a licence and was stuck with imovie for ages...I'm finally going back to a pro tool :D

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