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got my stitches removed this morning :D can't wait to go skate again (heatwave almost over in Belgium, nice timing :p )

so if I'm reading this correctly, Mozilla fired 250 people and then framed it as "combating a lethal virus and battling systemic racism"

as though laying off 250 people is gonna save us from plague?? or help.. anyone? I'm so confused.

Anyone here doing photography and sharing photos on their website? I'd love to get some inspiration from the merveilles community

@neauoire I enjoyed One Straw Revolution. Was there another reading during your passage that has stuck with you?

@neauoire It's a good motto. My reasoning: it's very intuitive us to know what we love to do and what we're good at. It's less intuitive to know what will make money, it's wayyy less intuitive to know what the world needs.

Sometimes we think the world needs something, but it's the exact opposite of what the world needs.

We need wisdom before we can know what the world needs. Pursuing passion leads to wisdom.

Not sure if someone shared this yet but it's a decent intro to postscript language, even if a bit too verbose for my taste.

Is it even possible to find part times jobs as a software engineer? Feels like everything I see is full time jobs. But I need part time to be able to work on my other projects

My wife has a youtube channel about writing and being an author.

There's a lot of cool and interesting content, I recommend you to have a look! Also, it's her birthday today :D

Im looking for software engineering opportunities. Located in Belgium, remote would be ideal. Main skills are around JavaScript / react

welcome back @neauoire and @rek ! Hope the quarantine will be ok and you can have some good rest after the journey :tealheart:

intervention was a bit more invasive than I expected, but successful :) Thanks everyone for helping out!

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Stuck at the hospital waiting for a (trivial) intervention. I only have my phone and low internet. Any recommendation of reading? Cheers all πŸ™Œ

boost if you sometimes feel like you have zero skills

I'm training for long distance journeys on longboard! This has been very satisfying already, currently focusing on optimal push form (and alternating regular/switch pushing). Training the cardio through bike and runs. Combining both soon, I mapped a suitable journey today :)

Someone from the family heard I was working with photography, they gave me a film camera they had laying around :o Can't wait to try it out!

Several studies have concluded that the BLM protests haven't increased the spread of COVID19. Here are some reasons why. β€”

2 cool things arrived today: custom pcb for the diy group buy I organised, and my new freestyle skateboard πŸ™Œ

Today is my birthday, so guitar/maxmsp/family time it is πŸ”₯

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