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new music blog is up! A couple of things left to do (like rss support), but there's already a few music recommendations for you :)

@rek @JonathanPires I have fast internet and can confirm the site Jonathan's site loads pretty slow.

Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle

A principle is something that you can see — as a moral right and wrong — and feel a responsibility (not an opportunity) to change.

Usually acting on principle is a social behaviour, but it exists in software too.

Bret is the person who most inspires me right now.

I pick up programming languages no problem though, thats odd. Maybe they are just more logical or something.

Going to keep ploughing on with toki though to see if it goes in eventually.

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I started looking at distance longboarding a month ago. I’m grateful to be where I am today 🙏

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Skate marathon was a success! 3h19 total time. Now I’m going to relax for the rest of the day 😎

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I'm starting my skate marathon in a bit more than an hour! this will be fun :)


It's a common idea that "up-to-date" tech helps make better works.

It's a delusion.

I just checked, I own 20+ computers, 12 high-end graphics cards, etc..
Retrospectively, I think all my best works could have been made on any old laptop.


Can’t wait for premium to avoid ads being streamed to my brain 🧠

Please use content descriptions when posting images.

Lots of folx on this instance seem to advocate for accessibility and yet fail to take this basic step. Even one short, descriptive sentence is better than nothing.

Successful 30km on longboard today! Lot of wind made it more challenging than usual, but it was an enjoyable ride. A biker asked it was electric 😂

> Carrying out a payment with Visa requires about 0.002 kilowatt-hours; the same payment with bitcoin uses up 906 kilowatt-hours, more than half a million times as much, and enough to power a two-person household for about three months.

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oh my god check this out

this just might be the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

Did a very good training session for the race next month. Practiced both leg pushing motions on a uphill slope. Getting more powerful pushes and better balance on my weaker leg! 🛹 to that I also add non skate endurance training (running and biking), and core muscle renforcement exercises

"#ClearChannel [...] trace numériquement non seulement combien de personnes passent devant un panneau publicitaire, mais elle identifie aussi combien le regarde au moyen des données de GSM. Chaque panneau publicitaire obtient ainsi un score, et les annonceurs voient quel type de personne a regardé leur #publicité.
[...] il est possible de suivre les passants jusqu'à un magasin et de voir ce qu'ils regardent et ce qu'ils achètent. [...] le suivi du comportement et des mouvements dans le monde réel, ce qui permet aux #annonceurs de montrer leurs publicités à "des segments adoptant un #comportement spécifique"."

I registered to a skate marathon in September :D Still need a bit of prep but it will be fun

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