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"When the unique is created, it also creates the creator.

The more finished goods become commodities, the fewer opportunities an individual has to generate new creation. The ability to mass-produce removes the opportunity for the great many to learn to produce at all. From such a thought, a future full of consumption-only hobbies might come as no surprise."

this article is gold. (maybe we can collectively quote the whole thing here on merv, lol)

@sinister666 I know that @draco does, and @electret and @lastfuture and @ice and @openmastering and @tonymarc and @FrankyFire and of course @juni -and I'm sure I've forgotten half of you...

I made this slow retrosynth new age-y song I am very proud of, and I released it today for free! 🎶💖🎶

#music #retrosynth #synthwave

Instruō put their module line in VCV Rack for free! This is a really smart and generous move :) Having a lot of fun with this right now! @modularism

Did some shooting for the video I'm releasing tonight. Couldn't resist taking some stills too, beautiful nature :)

So, I've decided to release the mini mix I recorded for VEMOM 10 on Bandcamp. It's been nearly 7 years since the last time I released something there, it was about time I guess...

This is a couple of tracks I'm still working on, made with the OP-Z, full of clunky live effects because I'm still quite new at this workflow. But it's been fun to make :)

@electret @TQ @flavigula I'm looking forward to the next VEMOM. I didn't know I needed it! This got me motivated to update my main Bandcamp, I haven't touched it since 2014 :)


Thank you for letting me be part of it! I was introducted to some excellent music. Sorry I couldn't stay for the whole show.

@ice @TQ

Really happy I took part to the VEMOM night, thanks to @electret. I'm not used to this kind of online event, and it was amazing to discover the music of so many talented people. I'm glad I managed to record a couple of tracks with a video, I got a truly warm and inspiring welcome.

And it was great to see works from @TQ and @flavigula :)

launching the stream early - gonna play some video from the festival before the official start in 30 minutes

good time as any to say it here: yes, I'm available for online private teaching sessions. I've given training on Ableton Live, Maxmsp, modular synthesis, electronic music and sound design. DM me for details :) (boost welcome :) )

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getting a teaching request from the youtube channel was a nice surprise today :)

Asking for help, financial aid 

Hey everyone. I'm currently financially in a bad situation. I lost my job today, I have no money, I'm disabled and I can't buy food. If you could help, don't feel obliged to, but any help is welcome. Thank you, boosts appreciated.

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