I really wanna do more public facing work, dev streams, unreal plugins, small free games. I wish I had the time to dedicate to it. I enjoy what I'm doing now but it's all behind the scenes atm.

I want to help people and express my creativity a bit more.

This is one of the absolute worst trends in the industry. Fix it or lose talent.

Life is crazy right now, I'm more stressed than I've been in a while but honestly I woke up in one of those "you know what, it's all gonna be fine" moods.

Time to get my head down and make some kickass features <3

A bunch of folks are working together to build a boot.rom for that would serve as a launcher for when no rom is loaded through the terminal.

As much as I love gamedev I do wish that I didn't have to cart around a laptop that will burn my legs under any amount of load and run out of battery within a few hours.

I'm seeing people working with some awesome hardware on here and while I do appreciate the stuff I use on a daily basis I cant help but wish that it was more practical for me to experiment.

Same goes for alternative OSes...

Okay, after years of using mechanical keyboards and constantly chasing that perfect feel, I'm a topre convert... Like WOW.

My hot take for the day is that Lua is actually a really nice little programming language.

I randomly decided to add a small flash when you hit an enemy just to see... and it made things so much more satisftying Drooling face

It's often the small things that make the the biggest impact to game feel! ^-^

Today is one of those days when I really wish I had champagne on hand... 🎆

I attempted to put down some of my messy thoughts on how we make games and create worlds into a blog post, not sure if I got the point across particularly well but let me know what you think!


You guys all like boats right? 😉

I'm so exited to finally be able to announce I've been working on Sea of Thieves for the past year! <3


I couldn't sleep so I went out and did some proper photography for the first time ever, then added a section on my website for it ^-^

Pretty happy with how it went!


I finally got around to posting something resembling a coherent thought on my site!

In the quest for aesthetic purity, do we bury the journey that lead us to where we are?


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