Okay, after years of using mechanical keyboards and constantly chasing that perfect feel, I'm a topre convert... Like WOW.

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@embyr i love the topre feel and sound but that price tag. it hurts. im typing on cherry pink ( and its about half as good at half the price haha

@davidalbertainley I've never tried Cherry Pink I should give it a go sometime. My favorite cherry style switch is the Kailh Box Whites I have on my Drop CTRL which I can definitely recommend but it's an entirely different feel.

@embyr congrats!

I had my first HHKB pro for years and loved it. My replacement, same model, was flaky and glitchy 💔

(It took a while but now I’m finally used to my Kaihl Speed Coppers. My accuracy was awful for a while, coming to them from Topres. But now it would take just as long going in the other direction.)

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