This looks amazing, really shows how with just a little bit of effort, so much utility can be brought back to old and even new hardware.

Could be a lifesaver on metered or slow connections!


For those unable to watch the video, the OP has created two websites that take the modern web and strip it of all the bloat to allow it to run on extremely old machines. - a news aggregator - a search engine with the ability to access linked pages through the same filter

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@embyr yeah, and the both things he made are actually completely useless. the first one,, is literally just displaying rss for you - something that native applications that’s been around for decades always do much better than wEb bRoWsErs. the second one,, is just a front-end for duckduckgo, and it actually looks almost the same as which i use daily.

@embyr conclusion: he could just use w3m for all of this instead

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