Can someone explain to me why we're going all out on electric cars when hydrogen seems like an infinitely better option?

Doesn't require lithium, refueling is as simple and quick as petrol, literally emits water, car enthusiasts still get the sound/feeling.

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@embyr Two reasons I suspect (not a knowledge expert, but I've read a bit about this)

1. Electric Cars are more of a solved problem since car batteries and electric motors are pretty old. The big innovations have been in scaling them up, and increasing capacity / recharge speed / safety (kind of, lol)

2. Hydrogen as an element isn't scarce so there's less downstream profitability. Lithium mines, for example, are big business

@dualhammers I feel like 1 is massively offset by the emissions created in battery manufacturing, it's so wasteful! Makes the whole endevour questionable.

2 is a lot more likely 👀

@embyr Phone crashed so I couldn't reply but I did more digging and yeah basically what everyone else said.

Low energy efficiency combined with high cost for renewable vs moderate but non-renewable cost of hydrogen collection from natural gas refinement means it's not viable yet.

@embyr hydrogen has a lot of potential energy for its mass, but usable hydrogen has a lot of volume for its mass, making porting it around in vehicles difficult. you need a tank 3x the size of fossil fuels for a similar travel range. compressing the hydrogen in a way that survives car crashes somewhat safely is one of the main adoption problems it faces

@embyr producing it at scale for cheaper than subsidised petroleum is also probably impossible

@embyr transporting hydrogen sucks atm. To the best of my knowledge, that's the main issue with it. We'd either need highly distributed production, or much better ways of distributing it.

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