Wait why does this work so well?

I can actually focus on it rather than having g to reread like 3 times.

@embyr Is there a complicated method to which letters get bolded, or is it just like "first half/few letters of the word"?

@IceWolf it seems to have a few settings 25/50/75% with the default being 50%

@embyr Ah, cool! I was worried there was Proprietary Algorithm™ crap involved. =^.^=


@IceWolf The guy has patented it, but like I refuse to believe that this is enforceable.

Surely they cant come for an open source plugin that just makes the first half of words bold right?

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@embyr That's like, the whole thing patents are for.

They suck.

@embyr @IceWolf there _has_ to be prior work showing the style used.

I feel the patent is likely to be against the reason for usage rather than the aesthetics alone which would make it difficult to enforce.

@carbontwelve @embyr Yeah, but if someone makes a browser extension or something that does this and mentions at all that it's for easier reading...

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