trying a 6-bit-per-char system as well, for a maximum of 64 colours (4 levels per channel ^ 3 channels). This might be a *bit* nicer to work with, pun intended.

first successful test with my new char map system and 16-bit colour renderer.

another phenomenal song from a new album by CFCF. it's worth your time:

an absolute banger of a song, that I highly recommend listening to:

thinking about adding a specific " region" (or a custom "") functionality to HEPTANE that allows you to edit sections of code in different tabs that's still part of one file.

this means you could have "variables", "functions", "main", etc, and it saves the file as 1 file.
perfect for people like me who enjoy making code in 1 huge .c file ;)

code editor working so well that I can develop the code editor in the code editor to make the code editor better :)

thinking about if I should start learning Assembly...

been recently constructing an IDE-like interface for c/c++, sticking to 7-bit colour (1 bit for alpha) which has been fun~

the dodecahedron has arrived.

i'm a C/C++/GML programmer from new zealand <3


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