first amateur attempt at made while walking after a good winter storm.

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The rework is done. 80KB of site.

Simple and inoffensive, it even respects dark modes on OSes.

The college admission system in the united states is psychological manipulation.

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"This Whole Thing Smacks Of Spyware," i holler as i overturn my uncle's wireless-enabled barbeque grill and turn the internet of things into the internet of shit

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starting a pen friendship to get over my personal drawing block. one doodle over coffee for as long as it takes to make it fun. posting this to make myself accountable, results will also be added in replies

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I have released 1.3.0 of my project management software TAPE. It has some great new features and very proud of it

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What do y'all think about having a Merveilles movie night?

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Hi all. I'm a musician and recent Linux audio convert, currently working on new material (after a long hiatus). I'm also developing/self-hosting my first website (more on that soon), attempting vegetarianism, collecting a private cache of unpublished philosophical essays, trying to turn a somewhat idiosyncratic narrative theory into a practical screen writing system, obsessively researching transitory fascinations, and forgetting to meditate.

Hit me up if this resonates.


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I've completed my musing about Effective Time (ET), came out of it with something simple and actionable

If you start the day with N hours of ET, you can effectively work on tasks until you've exhausted those N hours

But there are also a variety of things, variable by person, that affect your ET pool

For example:
- meetings eat my ET at ~2x
- social validation replenishes my ET at an unknown rate
- discovering something inspiring gives me ~.5h of ET

Hello All!

My name is Erigo! I am an aspiring civil engineer from the Midwestern US. I'm very interested in sustainable engineering and helping earth's carrying capacity be as high as it can be.

I can't wait to see what you all create :)


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