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Henceforth, I will no longer interact with images lacking alt-text.

Please add alt-text to your images, friends.

Some of us have problems seeing, interpreting & interacting with images.

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Salutations Merveilles!

My name is Erin.
I'm a plant-based, vegan, nudist who enjoys reading books and playing games.

I also occasionally play my ukulele and fife.

My favourite colour is forest green; the colour of the evergreens from Maine in Usonia comes to mind.

And my favourite foods are rice & beans along with giant burritos.

I speak English (native), Esperanto (basic) & a smidgen of Japanese.

Does anyone know if there are equivalents to Waldorf schooling, but for adults?

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Hello! :merveilles:

I've admired this community for a long time and I'm very excited (and honoured) to join the town.

I've been on a bit of a journey to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life for a short while now and I feel like this is a great place to explore that, given that y'all have inspired me a ton over these past two years. I've written a bit more about myself in my bio.

Thank you for welcoming me into your community :tealheart:

Henceforth, I will no longer interact with images lacking alt-text.

Please add alt-text to your images, friends.

Some of us have problems seeing, interpreting & interacting with images.

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Hello Merveilles 👋 I've been a big fan of this instance for a long time and I'm honored to join the likes of everyone here.

Much of my time is spent working with plants and animals, preserving harvests, and educating folks on all of these things. I also design and build tools and software alongside @winduptoy at I'm 500-hr certified yoga instructor, VCE Master Gardener, and pursuing a dedicated art practice.

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The Great River: Tears of Marie 2/2 

It gleans its name from the Goddess Marie.
She is a Goddess of Love, Mercy & Rain.

There is bountiful flora upon this river's banks.
Many edible, magical and decorative plants grow here.
Seaweed also springs forth from the depths, along with lily pads.

Magical Ferns are the most populous plant upon the banks.
Their properties consist of healing magic and revitalization. 2/2

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The Great River: Tears of Marie 1/2 

The largest river in Solum.
Its depth is so deep, one is unable to see or touch the bottom.

Some assume it's bottomless.

It has magical properties & many creatures inhabit its depths.
Mermaids, Giant Catfish, Eels of many types & other water faring beings. 1/2

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A Dream I had last night 2/2 

Fire, Earth, Spiritual, Forest, Animal and many other forms of Magic.

Some learnt hundreds of languages in a blink of an eye.

Others gained the ability to converse with animals & spirits.

I got ice, fire and dark magic.

And gained the ability to see what doesn't wish to be seen.

The people wore clothing similar to Indian styles and old Norse styles.

There were elves, faeries, flying snakes & other beings.

My dream ended with the class walking through a portal.

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A Dream I had last night 1/2 

I woke up inside a boat, upon a great river.

My partner & their dog was there as well.

Many different types of people wandered within it's hull and on it's deck.

Druids, Magicians, Hippies, Animal Tamers & Instructors.

We arrived at a dock next to a large building; made of wood, brick & metal.

We unloaded our belongings and were directed to our dorms by the instructors.

We met our teachers & our crafters.

We got our assigned magic types by spoken word rituals.

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Esperanto for communication.
Lojban for science & maths.
Toki Pona for poetry.

I wonder 🤔

Added my personal spam opt-out guide to my site.

I'll likely add more in the future.

It's hard as heck to find the opt-out links.

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Sketched out the main three devices I’ve been planning to build. I’ve been prototyping, and generally mulling these over for years. It’s taking me so long to get them going, drawing them is cathartic.

Finished listening to “The Tao of Pooh” today.

I enjoyed it and I look forward to “The Te of Piglet”! 😸

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Im finally returning with more old timey furries. Here’s a dapper little weasel wearing a 1921-inspired outfit

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The workers at Amy's Kitchen factory have called for a boycott of Amy's Kitchen products due to unsafe working conditions, union busting, denial of bathroom breaks, and providing access to drinking water.

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