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every button has a sound. every icon has a jingle and a little animated graphic

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underappreciated aspect of the nintendo 3DS' ui design: every app has recognisable music.

oh wait, that's also part of the touch screen. what do you do then?

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put the buttons and the handwriting input on the lower screen, and the UI on the top one. it'd probably be a squeeze, though?

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could a (3)DS be a good target for palm pilot emulation...?

got a new 2ds xl for about the cost of the replacement parts for my old one... bwuh

so many people sending blocklists derived from the most blocked instances... i thought anarchists were against mob rule?

going to an exchange and asking to invest in soup stock

anyone here know any good manouche jazz?

are there literally no mp3 players witjour a screen and with a half decent battery life

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a reminder that the solution to issues with management is not more management, and that changing the managers still leaves you with managers :)

to the anarchists, do you believe 'food safety' would exist in your ideal society? how would it be maintained?

the fact that source code is measured in megabytes is terrifying

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These two ex-Google founders want to replace carpet stores with LCD screens

but alas, i will have to wait until june till i can even consider

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