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breaking copyright law is not only a right, it is a duty
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i must say it once more: you SAY you want to date someone nonbinary but are you prepared for having to learn how to play splatoon and play it constantly

this is in contrast to english, where have explictly means own. the closest match for jo would be hold, and it has that use in the context of a container. if you think of yourself as a container, you can make that distinction in english, with some mental overhead.

however, toki pona's jo expresses this distinction in an elegant way!

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this is really interesting, as the two are synonymous in english. i have a cat implies you own said cat! things you have arent neccessarily your property in toki pona

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toki pona makes a distinction between owning(lawa as verb) and having (jo)

@neauoire does the web-ring require the icon to be shown or can a link be used instead? i'm avoiding images in my website as to reduce the bandwidth it consumes, and i'm interested in applying to the webring

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i think people should make more new words for toki pona . toki pona doesnt have enough fun words

in an ideal world version control systems wouldnt exist

also in this area of thought is radically different editors(acme, aha), and mediums(seek alternatives to the OS idea!). i think we don't spend enough time throwing shit at the wall.

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i think alternative methods of programming should be sought after. not just different paradigms(those are fun too!) but rather rethinking the way things work entirely. stuff like sourceless programming(OK), textless source(LISP, Smalltalk, Aha), compact source(APL, K), etc.

anyone here built a forth meta compiler? im struggling to understand the implementations in a 'traditional' forth ^^'

turns out the idiotic b gilson truly was idiotic.....

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whatre some funky hand held computers that yall own? stuff like ipods, calculators, PDAs, weird phones, etc

tell me all about them!

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for everyone that wanted to be messing with apl (@eris @neauoire ?) the 2021 dyalog apl competition is now live :)

warning: requires proprietary dyalog implementation, but you can also do the whole first part just in your browser afaik

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@eris "We sell software to get the accumulated fat out of your system. We sell software to clean up the garbage left behind by your programs. We sell software to deal with the growing complexity of your hardware. We sell software to deal with the growing complexity of your software. We just keep selling bigger upgrades to our product. We sell a bigger CPU. We sell bigger memories. We sell a service solving people's upgrade problems. We sell PCs to people who don't need them."

If you get all the fat out an internet smart appliance is about the same cost as the dumb appliance with the more limited embedded computer in it. The first stage will be TVs and microwaves that are on the internet. Perhaps we will have light bulbs and light switches there eventually.
from, an article written in 1998.

Funny how accurate this prediction was!

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