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ijo ni li soweli sewi.
soweli sewi li seme?
mi pona. sina pilin seme?

anyone here have examples of activitypub powered stuff? like the full article platform(writefreely?) and peertube!

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i might well make this my search engine just because i'm in love with the idea.

i imagine this could enable interesting possibilities in regards to data structures? perhaps it can relate to CREATE/DOES>?

im not seeing a clear connection here, sadly.

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similar to how @ and ! are generalised and expanded upon with the address register in machine forth, i wonder if there's a similar generalisation for exit/; and execute?

why is it that attempts to fix forth add more stacks or types

hey, any merveillians got knowledge about modems? im thinking about how expensive mobile devices can be and if we can do better....

> The main trick ZSF has up its sleeve to avoid hiring any managers or human resourcing people, is to have a flat organization structure. By hiring contributors who are self-directed and intrinsically motivated, compensating them well, and then giving them the freedom to work on what they choose, the need for managers is almost entirely eliminated.

I wonder why that works.....

i feel like eventually im going to discover unicode characters and end up writing forth like apl

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@+ and my ;; work pretty well together honestly

for instance, here's a fold for +
: fold+ + @+ +;;
: fold+ a! 0 0 fold+ ; is now loosely associated with the tildeverse! hurrah

machine forth is nice. like the fact that `if` doesn't drop and the address register. im going to adopt that in my own code.

def isEven(num):
if num == 0:
return True
return not isEven(num - 1)

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