are there any 'dumbphone' (feature phone) users here on the fediverse? which phone do you use and why? whats your preferred phone? how'd you make the switch?

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@cblgh i cant imagine that one works anymore, with all the network stuff

@eris I have one of these:

it's not that great - keypad is not like the original 3310 and it's really hard to hear on phone calls. I realise now that smartphones must be doing a lot of filtering.

I just switched cold turkey. the only real inconvenience is having to ensure that bank accounts have money in them before I leave home, and that I know directions.

@eris used to rock an og nokia 3310 from 2017 to 2018

it was fun. didn't really miss my smartphone.

@eris I use a normal iPhone 11 but - it might be worth looking into Japanese phones. They still use flip phone there.

@changbai yup they do! sadly, the flipphones there are mostly android ones - android has a lot of non-features for me, sadly

their flipphones are just smartphones of a different form factor, which is not really what I'm after ^^'

@eris dang I didn't know that, that's unfortunate. So do they act like smart phone in the sense that they also have access to an app store filled with non-essential apps?

@eris boosting this to get more answers, I've been thinking about switching to a feature phone for ages now and it's great to see how others are handling it.

@kevin @eris same tbh
kinda want that indian blackberry clone running KaiOS

@HarneyB @kevin i dont think id like kaios it seems kinda wack

@eris it was looking promising until google bought it and added voice assistant and a while bunch of other gimmicks. I just like the idea of my family still being able to contact me through instant messaging instead of just using SMS

@kevin a few feature phones have IM support, like the Sunbeam F1 and Schok Classic(for american markets). i think the punkt mp02 has signal?

here's the dumbphone finder's results for whatsapp

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