it's often said that the APL family are some of the only languages where you can share ideas, programs, etc entirely through paper or a whiteboard.

i'd like to make a further proposal: the APL family are some of the only languages that can be *taught* entirely visually, be it on a physical medium or a digital one.

many of APL's concepts can be described very easily without using words.

(forgive my poor handwriting and kerning)

this is not the best demonstration of APL, but i think there's something there. this'd become a lot easier with words! but i think reducing the amount of words can make very easily internationalised documentation / resources.

imagine a tutorial where you only need to change 50 sentences instead of 500, a manual where you only need to translate names and a few sentences, and a programming language that is truly *international*


A language like K, as opposed to APL, is much smaller, and probably better fit for this. the author written reference for K, which assumes familiarity with APL, fits entirely on my screen, and probably yours! it's also a single text file:

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