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Happy to be part of this community (Thanks to @raelzero)

I’m a Human-Computer Interaction researcher who explores the potential of sound, or a musician who plays with interactive computers.
I am fond of hiking, pickling, sour-daw bread, and gardening. Sometimes I do generative images.

Dear Merveilles community, I am co organizing a symposium on Sound image and Interaction design. I am happy to say that we just got the confirmation that our keynote will be Thor Magnusson.

There are still a few weeks to submit a contribution:

For any doubt feel free to contact me =)

Baking croissants test 2.

Still space for improvements =)

Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium (SIIDS) 2020 Call for Participation (paper and art tracks):

Funchal, Madeira (Portugal), September 4, 2020

Possibility of online participation

Deadline for submissions: June 26, 2020

For further details access

Hi! I am a co-organizer of a symposium on sound, image and interaction design. This year we will have the possibility of online presentation, and there are no fee to participate. Would it be ok to share the call here?

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"I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are."

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When you search for pascal programming help online in 2020...


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E se smettessimo.di confondere il caos con l'anarchia?

Una panoramica riassuntiva dei movimenti anarchici nella storia in cui si evidenzia quanto sia infondato il binomio caos/anarchia

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hi, Yep, just lines. many of them with some play in the alpha channel.

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