Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium (SIIDS) 2020 Call for Participation (paper and art tracks):

Funchal, Madeira (Portugal), September 4, 2020

Possibility of online participation

Deadline for submissions: June 26, 2020

For further details access

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@s_ol thanks! we are doing our best to make it good. Do not hesitate to write me if you have any question ;)

hey, newb question: so the website says that initial submission should be an "extended abstract" - what format/length is the final submission expected to be?

Or is the extended abstract the final deliverable?

@s_ol Hi sorry for my late reply, the final deliverable for the symposium is the extended abstract. After the symposium we will have a call for a special issue in an open access journal. I hope this replies to you, otherwise, please let me know.

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