Today is a sad day. Seyðisfjörður, a town in east Iceland has been hit heavily by huge mudslides and parts of the town have been essentially obliterated. Thankfully, no people harmed and the town has been evacuated.

Where one of those mudslides is, used to stand a huge vintage tech museum. With huge punch card readers and writers, ancient computers, and other gear. And we are talking about big concrete industrial house on 2 or 3 stories.

That house seems to have just disappeared...

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@esi damn, that’s terrible indeed! wow… so lucky no one was hurt though! how is that even possible (no one hurt), did they have warning of some kind that the mountainside was starting to fall? now I’m wishing we checked out the tech museum when we had the chance… 😥

@amatecha Early warning and a whole lot of luck. The mudslides started couple of days ago. They were smaller (but still quite destructive) so they managed to evacuate parts of the town. The big one seen on that photo to the left that took out the tech museum caught them off guard though and was not in an evacuation area, so there were plenty of people in the area but everyone managed to hear it and escape, (some just barely...)

So yeah, a lot of luck.

@esi dang, that's crazy. yeah I realized the reason we didn't got to the tech museum is it was closed at that time. I imagine all of the stuff inside will be a total loss, too.. :(

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