Dear internet. Does anyone have the manual for the Silver Reed EB50 Pengraph typewriter from 1984?

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@esi like I always say: might wanna use tags so people find this post. if someone knows enough about typewriters to know where to find that manual, they probably browse the tag.

@esi I would love to get my hands on one of these! I haven't been able to find a manual in any of my usual sources, but I did come across this site
which has more useful information than I've seen elsewhere, including some code to get it working with a computer (in 2011 anyway)

@observer oh wow. This is great! Just what I needed! Thank you very much

@esi glad I could help! I love seeing unique old hardware like this find new life

@esi you may want to check for it here? Not sure if they have it but I just heard of this recently.

@greyor Thanks. They do seem to have some Silverreed manuals but nothing for that model of mine sadly.

@mlatu I can't see the manual on that page. :(

They have a "The Typewriter Repair Manual" in the sidebar but that's about it. Where did you see the manual there?

@esi on the site i linked, last picture says "Handbuch" (manual/user guide), and this document seems to be included in the box:


manual in box:

maybe send them an email, perhaps they can scan relevant pages for you?
@esi sorry, not handbuch but bedienungsanleitung... sometimes i just think i know what i read xD
@esi handbuch and bedienungsanleitung are the same thing really though
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