Fediverse, what do you recommend for managing personal finances and such? Any good FLOSS software/workflows out there for such things?

@esi If you're looking for a tracking tool, ledger (and its friends, as hledger, which is the one I use) is great. It also has budgeting and forecast utilities, but I have not used them (yet).

@esi I've not actually used either but check out Invoice Ninja and Firefly III

@esi I've just been using LibreOffice Calc.

If you need to do proper double-entry accounting, then GNUCash is probably your best bet.

I've heard good things about HomeBank too, which reminds me a lot of Microsoft Money:

@esi maybe ask @thor ?
The dude's been trying to figure this same thing out for a while.

@esi kmymoney was pretty nice around 5 years ago, when I had a quick look around.

@esi GNUCash is king. Then I'd suggest YNAB (not open source) or EveryDollar (also not open source)

@esi Web: Firefly III (it has an Android apo). Desktop: I'd say GNU Cash (no online sync)

@esi I used to use GNU Cash for a while (followed the builtin documentation for a basic setup)


I know about beancount

I used a different cli accounting tool

Not a GUI tool

Otherwise, quite convenient

@esi I use GnuCash. I has a bit of a steep learning curve since it's mostly for business accounting, but I find it very useful for personal finances too.

Same here, but I'm more interested in forecasting and planning than tracking. Couldn't find anything with emphasis on that.

@dudenas ooh! now that I think of it, that's exactly what I am looking for. Forecasting and planning. Sad to hear that we seem to be lacking in that department when it comes to FLOSS software. :(

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