My wonderful workplace is looking for hiring more Godot developers! Super friendly and flexible remote work environment. This place has been my dream job for the last few years.

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@marcel I don't know the details of the current expectations and the upcoming projects but I do know that the current team for the last few years have had very flexible work hours. I for example was working 10-20 hours a week for a while because of health issues. If possible I would recommend asking the official PrehensileTales twitter account this, but if that's not possible I can forward your question to my boss and then forward the reply to you. :)

@esi Thank you for the kind offer and info :) That sounds like it's worth a shot for sure. I'll send the Twitter a DM and we'll see what happens!

@convolution @esi I do work at a Polish studio, and even though we're not using Godot, I am still using tons of libre software at work like Blender, Material Maker, Inkscape, Olive, Ardour...

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