On the Icelandic fediverse/Mastodon I've started seeing people using the word "tútta" for "toot". "tútta" (pronounced toot-ta) is normally a slang term for a boob/tit.

Please reboob this.

@esi tutta pronounced badly in anglo sounds like twitter.

@doctormo @esi tutta and Twitter also sound the same if you do the weird bad Australian accent I just did

@esi So just the “masto” part of “mastodon”, then?

@esi now we're breasting boobily around the Fediverse?


Not too(*t) bad as "toot" is equal to "ding" 🥳

@esi "Du ønsker å like denne tuten"

Yes, yes I do like that boob.

@olafurw Wait, "denne tuten"? That's not "this toot", that's "this spout"... 🙈

@lisawe @olafurw There's been a discussion about this in the Norwegian corner of the fediverse, and I'm pretty sure it's being fixed :)

@forteller @olafurw It is. 😃

It's a bit funny, though: When I started translating I realized that they stopped using "toot" in the English text and started using "post". So I guess the "et/en tut" discussion is kind of irrelevant now, it will be "innlegg" in Norwegian. 🤷‍♀️

BTW, anyone can join the translation effort at 🤓 There are still phrases not translated into Norwegian. (We're at 71 % translated at the moment.)

@olafurw @esi you want to like this "tutten"?

Sorry, learning Norwegian at the moment and I knew the language was similar, I wasn't expecting the exact same 😂

Also, to "toot" in Ireland is to do a bottom burp.

@esi and this is why Mastodon is better than titter.

@esi Every now and then I come abreast of a really funny comment. Today, yours was it. I salute you.

@esi So this is completely in line with the etymology of mastodon, from mastos: tútta (það er fyndið)

(Can you tell me if there are a few # that I could use to find islensku túttur? Please 🥺 ) (I really mean toots 😅 )

@HydrePrever i dont know about hashtags but a lot of us Icelanders hang out at the instance.

@HydrePrever No prob. You are more than welcome to follow my Icelandic account at @esi@loðfí if interested. :)

@esi "mast" already means boob so i guess it's only fair... :s

@ferrydanini Boobodon....g? Sry, my childlike humor couldnt resist.

@ferrydanini @esi mast in my languange means something else..... not goint to translate. ok. bye.

@esi this is clearly the kind of community humor that we need!

@esi thanks for making me laugh out loud in public :bd06:

@esi seems fitting given mastodon means “boob tooth” (assuming random mastodon copypasta wasn’t lying to me!)

@forever My favorite also. I am sad that they don't migrate to Iceland. When I lived in Sweden for my studies my balcony was covered in those birds and their droppings, as I fed them sunflower seeds every day. They even started waking me up every morning my tapping on my window. Sometimes they even flew into my apartment and didn't mind me.

I was like a god damn disney princess. God I miss them.

@esi there used to be chickadees here in colorado that chirped in the morning but they went away for the winter and now I’m sad :(

@esi It's meta, too, because of the etymology of mastodon.

@esi Clearly, they're talking about birds. Potentially the bearded tit or the long-tailed tits.

@esi I hate to tell them what "toot" means in America. Rhymes with "the magical fruit," etc.

@esi Happy to reboob this cocaine snort (which is toot in English)

@esi I love this and language because when I read this puppy, my brain translated it into my own native language, which is tagalog from the philippines, where it means "puppy" :doge: (though we pronounce it the same, we spell it as "tuta")

@esi it goes wonderfully with the fact that masto-don means « teeth in the shape of boobs ». Reboob this on boobteeth!


@esi How would you say “boobtooth” in Icelandic?

@steinloa @acb íslenska mastodon hefði átt að vera túttutö frekar en loðfíll...

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