What was the game (be it digital, board game, physical, etc...) that really changed your life, and how did it change it?

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@esi Sonic 2 - Made me want to make my own video games. Ended up finding it about computer science. Got a degree and job because of it.

I had no idea what I wanted to do for my career before playing that game :)

@esi bit cliche but disco elysium did make me self evaluate in a lot of ways especially with regards to drinking

@esi I honestly can't say any game in particular sticks out as having changed my life. I'm sure many have contributed in one way or another, but no big sweeping changes or anything like that afaict.

@esi Deus Ex: Human Revolution changed how I think about story telling. Tak changed how I think about world building, and also taught me a ton about AI weirdly enough.

@icco @esi haha I really enjoyed that game but just saw the three hour hbomberguy video on how its not as good as the original Deus Ex which I did not play but can see a lot of the issues

@flame @esi I played the original, but I was young at the time and found it incomprehensible. I'll have to watch that video.

@treellama I didn't realize until many years of playing Diablo 2 that you could actually hold down the mouse button for spells and what not. I just kept spamming it. That must not have been healthy for my hand.

@esi Warhammer Quest. It restarted my dormant love for dungeon crawlers and miniatures.

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