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Hello everyone, for those who dont know me my name is John E.

Outside of my day job, I work on and create dark worlds, and spooky happenings.

on the net I'm building things at

@neauoire @rek I’m moving to Tokyo in January full time. I really hope to see you and hang out. It’s been 2 years since I moved to China, and super sad our schedule lined up. Let’s make a plan 💪

I got featured by my local queer anarchist collective <3 <3 <3

"go enjoy some art you jackals!"

Oh, man! is so much fun! It's gonna be today's work soundtrack!

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I’ll be in Tokyo next week, are you available the evening of the 12th?

@nomand how do you accomplish the dither effect on your page? I’d like to do something similar but just always show the dither version of whatever I upload to my page.

i have been tinkering with friends on a large digital role playing game project for some years.

have found it challenging (though frequently rewarding) to work on a longer term creative project with very little extrinsic encouragement.

I’m trying to decide if I should make my choose your adventure story, wordless. It sounds crazy but I been designing with iconography and esoteric sigils in mind. Proper merveilles fashion

Was going down a Death Stranding rabbit hole, and this guy reference Pak and Archilect as deeply connected to the game 😂 @neauoire

While I can access our instance without a VPN, wherever the images are hosted are behind the firewall. At least I can read what you are talking about. @neauoire @somnius

computer science?

no thanks

i am a computer occultist

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