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Hello everyone, for those who dont know me my name is John E.

Outside of my day job, I work on and create dark worlds, and spooky happenings.

on the net I'm building things at

In addition to a metric ton of videogames, this huge charity bundle also contains a fair number of ttrpg books that I've been wanting try.

The $5 minimum contribution is ridiculously low for this many games, so if you have the means, give much more than that:

@neauoire @rek Are you guys leaving Japan! Fuck 😂 Ive been stuck in my dungeon for 91 days

Orca will be featured in an upcoming MIT Press book.

Code as Creative Medium: A Teacher's Manual

Good morning from a very ☀️ San Francisco! :xoka: :merveilles:

Started creating my first Pascal unit Graf3DPrimitives, adding basic 3d primitives that I can later use to create scenes for the Neauismetica.

i just finished to scan and to create a layout for my zine "motore immoto" so here are the first two pages for preview =D

Its so fun to see everyone working in old as Mac OS, brings back a lot of memories being hunched over programming midi with a one button mouse ^_^

So I have a Mac Plus back in America, that I used to use for music programming, I bought some old midi hardware and software from one of the original Opcode engineers like 15 years ago

@neauoire @rek I’m moving to Tokyo in January full time. I really hope to see you and hang out. It’s been 2 years since I moved to China, and super sad our schedule lined up. Let’s make a plan 💪

I got featured by my local queer anarchist collective <3 <3 <3

"go enjoy some art you jackals!"

Oh, man! is so much fun! It's gonna be today's work soundtrack!

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I’ll be in Tokyo next week, are you available the evening of the 12th?

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