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hey, i'm eti!

i used to rice (you know, this 'hobby' that consists of changing config files until programs start to look decent), this lead me to becoming somewhat of a ui designer.
i also find programming interesting, though i am quite mediocre at it.
lastly, i make music when i have some free time -- my main genres being drain gang-like music or ambiant.

see you guys around :)

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i know it's not insanely good, but to my standards it is heh

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jesus christ i'm so happy
i'm finally done with 6mbps down and 1mbps up

i want the website to stream audio from endel or something -- that way people can just listen to ambient sounds while ready/navigating thru the posts

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note: this is just a prototype, i'll make the real thing later this week

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jesus christ no please just stop it already i hate gradients

i'll probably make it with esh or something, can't be arsed to use jekyll or hugo

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can't wait to get home from work and start my personal wiki

can't wait to quit web{dev,design} at 40 and become a carpenter or something

please someone explain this to me i don't get it
am i hitting /index.php/index.html or something?

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it allows me to keep the merveille’s theme too, so that’s nice

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using mastodon as a webapp with safari is pretty good actually

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