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hey, i'm eti!

i used to rice (you know, this 'hobby' that consists of changing config files until programs start to look decent), this lead me to becoming somewhat of a ui designer.
i also find programming interesting, though i am quite mediocre at it.
lastly, i make music when i have some free time -- my main genres being drain gang-like music or ambiant.

see you guys around :)

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it allows me to keep the merveille’s theme too, so that’s nice

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using mastodon as a webapp with safari is pretty good actually

can’t promise i won’t give up after 5 pages

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finally going to learn golang with this o’reilly book that’s been sitting in my desk for a year

there we go!
100clock, catclock and color running with plan9port on debian!

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also, the animation of cat clock is wayyy smoother than i thought it would be
shame that resizing is glitchy -- but i guess that's because i'm using plan9port

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now it would be perfect if my desktop would stop freezing for no reason — oh well

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gonna have to spend a week on debian while my laptop is getting repaired, fun fun fun

i’ll now start making a new graphical interface based solely on this picture

hell, i might just start a thread with some of my favorite ambient(&+) tracks

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i love those two compilations so much
if you want to listen to something new, i highly recommend you take a peek!

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@eti You don't become a $2 trillion company by giving adequate and reliable customer service.

can’t wait for the apple customer service to charge 200€ for a battery replacement

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