@eti It looks so serene. I should finally setup a pleasant desktop for myself.

Can I ask you what distro/desktop env. are you using to achieve it?

@FredBednarski this machine runs debian. the wm is openbox, but that doesn鈥檛 really matter, since u could make any wm look like this :)

@FredBednarski i just use openbox because it鈥檚 light enough and i know my way around its quirks, i鈥檇 waste too much time switching to some other wm
though i鈥檓 interested in wayland so i might try that in a bit

@eti Thanks :) Will need to check out openbox - I never used it before, but I do like that it is light :)

@eti v pretty 馃ぉ
is that urbit? how do you like it?

@aynish thanks! yup, that's my urbit instance. i like it a lot, it *kinda* just works

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