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Ok, I will be in Berlin July 25 - August 1, then in Denmark August 1 - 21. Would love to meet up with merveille-ians and other friends from mastodon.

Please don't re-boost this. Let folks find it themselves if they know me on here :) Thanks

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I'm an artist in resident with the collective Flux Factory on Governor's Island in New York again this season (now through November 2022). It's a good place for meeting up, bike rides, community events, outdoor modular synth concerts, kayaking, studio visits, picnics, etc. Get in touch if you'll be in NYC and want to meet up sometime.

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Hi new potential friends(?), I don't accept follow requests from people that don't interact with me. I am trying to keep a relatively small community that I can keep in my head here (think: Dunbar's number) and I want to know who I am regularly communicating with. Thank you for understanding.

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Hi folks, just joined, thanks to @neauoire for the invite. excited to be part of this community. i mostly do art/coding/noise-jamming , tool-building , linux-wrangling, zine-making type things. i also work on games and am an organizer at babycastles collective. hello to new and old friends

back to coding javascript (p5 mostly) again after mostly doing lua (via love2d) the past few months.
annoyed at how slow and ugly the js is.

does anyone have experience with fengari (lua in js)?

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"The dumpster is a generative space for both discarding past images or objects and finding new ones, and new works can be constructed using this detritus." -@exquisitecorp

"Are you on that animal thing too?"
<--- my friend asking if I use Mastodon

Stopped posting to gemini for a while (concussion, rest, taking a 'break') but i'm back and doing little posts again. Recent short posts on trash reuse, and throwing linux on old 'junk' computers.


my first task was to install krita and make a desktop background . previous image shows laptop with background image of our warehouse art space, with a flamingo logo (flamingos are our mascot), and our art collective’s logo. bottom left is lubuntu logo. on right is a giant tux penguin peeking in.

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found a 15 year old laptop running windows 7 at the museum. couldn’t even get a browser to really work on it. downloaded Lubuntu and was running in about 20 minutes - for use as a laptop for anyone visiting here.
i’ve not used Lubuntu before but i was surprised my initial impression is i liked it a lot, spent almost no time having to install or configure anything. threw on audacity, pure data, kate and was ready for the other artists here to start using it without any previous linux experience

Pics from today’s Web World and Cooperative Computing workshop at ARoS museum in Aarhus, Denmark. i led the workshop with Anders Visti of Code&Share[], Aarhus. we’ll have a follow-up freewrite session and smol web workshop on the 13th

i built a recording studio at the museum residency today. microcassette, 12 track mixer , and a looper, and nice speakers from storage.

I walked past a turntable/tube amp/cassette deck repair shop and peeked my head in. The owner showed me around the shop and searched until he found an adaptor and gave it to me. He was actually closed, about to head to DJ a festival. He had a v1 iPad in a suitcase, wired to a tube amp and also a built in fog machine. The metal industrial throw switches turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Pretty ridiculous.

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i don't know your ee skills, but there's prolly a way to take the wires going to the little speaker and rewire those to a 3.5mm jack ...

youtube (apparently) has a bunch of videos on this

good luck!

anyone have ideas on how to get audio out of my microcassette recorder? it's not a standard 3.5mm jack out but like 2.55mm? it has a built-in tiny speaker out, maybe i could hold it up to a sm-57 or other mic with an audio interface and re-record it?

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Narrascope was fun! My talk Fantasy Filing Systems: Interactive Narratives of the OS is now available online here:

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sitting at #laidak in berlin with @notplants and @exquisitecorp and showing @Systemofchaos an introduction to the fediverse

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Cadastre is freaking cool! Discovered it from @johnjohnston posting about it in a response to a blog post by @dajbelshaw

I'm speaking (online) at Narrascope today at 12pm EST / 6pm Central European . Will be recorded and put on YouTube later.

I'm in Berlin one last night and will be at the Floating University beginning around 7pm - 10pm to hang with friends at Intangible Transmissions. All are welcome to join.

@liaizon i don’t have your number i musta forgot which app it’s in? where at saturday ? i may go to see some art or bike around . sunday loose plans to go
to floating school but hafta fit it around speaking at a conference

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Start a blog. Don't amplify stuff you disagree with. Mute stuff that bugs you. Focus; veer occasionally. Add context to links. Consider waiting a day after writing something before posting it. Write for yourself first. Expect to not know what you have to say until you've written.

I am speaking Sunday 31-07-20222 online 6:00 pm–6:30 pm (Central European time - I’m in Germany , I think it’s 12 on east coast?) at Narrascope about Fantasy Filing Systems: folder poetry, adventures in the shell, BashCrawl, pseudo-MUDs, games and stories inside dialog boxes and form-builders, etc. It will be streamed and also available as a video afterwards

Full schedule and info on the conference

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