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Hi folks, just joined, thanks to @neauoire for the invite. excited to be part of this community. i mostly do art/coding/noise-jamming , tool-building , linux-wrangling, zine-making type things. i also work on games and am an organizer at babycastles collective. hello to new and old friends

i'm heading to berlin tomorrow. will be there til sunday, staying in moabit, then heading to denmark

There is currently an open call to participate in the Critical Coding Cookbook: Intersectional Feminist Approaches to Teaching and Learning

"We are seeking work that illustrates how to interrogate, deconstruct, and decolonize, the teaching and learning of code from an intersectional feminist lens. Contributions can take the form of assignments, activities, projects, code examples, collaborative tools, and/or case studies."

Example. A New York Times article saved with the gemini-like gmi reader theme. I also have Medium-style, GitHub-style and a few others in there, or you could add your own.

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Made my own very simple archiving system on top of pandoc and readability, as an offiline, CLI alternative to products like Mozilla's Pocket. And with a different ethos: of building a personal library.

It's a very simple script wrapping around readability. Removes all ads, header, nav, footer, etc and saves a clean HTML article (with your choice or default CSS), as well as an epub file and markdown file.

has anyone rolled their own simple alternative to wallabag or Pocket?
Doesn''t need to work online (for me).

Ideally maybe it's a CLI script and all i do is have to run scriptname url.

pipeline idea: wget -> maybe use pandoc to convert to markdown and then add in a simple minimalist css and convert to epub?

Just came across this really cool art residency:

2022 Experimental Weaving Residency Call for Entries ($10k!)

I'm working at a cafe today and they're playing music I can only describe as 80s school bus driver music

i’ll be an artist in resident on governor’s island this september into november.
visiting today. 5 minute ferry from brooklyn.
the view: sailboats and statue of liberty

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i'm preparing a couple of online and slow-paced workshops to experiment with and learn about computing within limits :tealheart:

one of them is about exploring the fundamentals of computing via movement-based activities (), and the other about learning to program the portable 8-bit computer.

they would span several weeks in order to allow for depth in the explorations.

which one would you be interested in joining?

(boosts are welcome :)

Short gemlog writeup about how to get statistics for number of readers on one's personal gemlog and the tilde server one's on, using a fish script.


It's way past my bedtime. Anyway, I wrote a gemlog statistics script in fish script (fish shell) for Ctrl-C Club

Was part of a very loud and chaotic karaoke and dance party with 30 people in prospect park tonight . Felt good.

Do you like email newsletters? I have one! I send one email every 3 months or so.

Here's today's missive:

Anyone have a scanner recommendation that works with Linux?

still life with lavender, C programming in Easy Steps, dead air plant, strawberry smoothie, napkins

made a little sketching app to use within vimwiki and it’s very minimal (read: crappy) but i love how its limitations breed nice little sketchy sketches

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