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Hi folks, just joined, thanks to @neauoire for the invite. excited to be part of this community. i mostly do art/coding/noise-jamming , tool-building , linux-wrangling, zine-making type things. i also work on games and am an organizer at babycastles collective. hello to new and old friends

my name is my web domain but people often mispell my last name so i have been thinking about buying the misspelled web domain as well. rather than redirect i guess it should just have a video of me complaining about how to properly spell my name and then you have to click through?

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Ok so here we are so far with a prototype Gemini client written in fish, Lots to do now.

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I'm writing a technical book for and I Am aiming to make it as close to a holy text as possible. All you could ever need for reference, and many games that are built from scratch. A chapter on history of fantasy consoles and a comprehensive, robust series of modules that can be used in any project. I've been at it for a year but its in so many pieces that I need to find a platform or style to begin compiling it all.

What should I write it in?

@exquisitecorp I hopefully am not coming off boasting. To be clear I wasted an hour that could have been better spent elsewhere but I guess now I can use that solution in the future

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At my students’ request I record parts of zoom classes when demonstrating a technical skill. My students know in advance and turn off cameras, but I leave my chat open to be able to respond to their questions. Zoom records the whole window, so my solution was to crop the screen. I was on a windows machine and searched for something and saw that vlc was the easiest route to take on my machine. But instead I installed windows subsystem for Linux and 1 hr and 1GB later...cropped with ffmpeg!

i have an extra raspberry pi sitting around that i'm trying to figure out what to do with. one idea is to create a gemini server though i'll have to stretch my skills to do so

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A Raspberry Pi internet radio receiver, that allows you to browse and play more than 2000 online radio stations using the analog controllers of an old radio.

I have been carrying on posting as if the west coast is not on fire and all is normal. It is not. I am worried about the fires and about the health and safety of many friends and family. And about the ad hoc infrastructure and deeply flawed societal leadership and organization at so many levels.

Despite my fears, I am enjoying playing with Alpine Linux as a minimal distro. It's seemingly more constrained than Arch or than the options of Artix, though probably that's just in my head. I like that out of the box it is small, has a simple package manager. I don't need to search for articles around the internet. It took me just a few minutes to install git, fish, python, man-pages, clone my regular linux dotfiles and start working. wondering what other minimal distros i should try.

I got the commandline Gemini client AV-98 to work on the commandline on iOS! LOL. It works well. I typed up my notes and need to add to my website wiki and then will link it.

I have an iPad mini 2, which i love, and is 7 years. I read on it, write on it, take it everywhere. I only recently bought the "Camera Connection Kit", which I had avoided for the $40ish price. I just picked one up, and connected my mechanical keyboard.

I installed iSH so I now have Alpine Linux (4MB Distro I think!) and the command line. So it's a strange walled garden but I have many of my Linux conveniences at least temporarily on here.

I love that I have a portable mini now.

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Found this simple recipe for pomodoro in the terminal:

while true do sleep 25m notify-send "Time to rest\!" sleep 5m notify-send "Time to get back to work\!" done

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I got the chance to explore a forked likelike-online world for the OurNetworks conference, and it was really amazing, a virtual space like no other. We meditated on the moon, and hung out in gay bars, all in little pixels.

Shout out to the Doomsday Supper Club and the Xzone workshop!

#notes #theworkshop #conference 

References from today's workshop Xzone: A Do It Together Platform for Online Community-Making during Our Networks 2020

A 2d networked space w/ your own avatars, rooms, sound, or modify JS for further functionality. We are using a fork of Likelike, hosted on or wherever. We are interested in thinking about virtual autonomous spaces, an extension of IRL space but also where this fails and how these metaphors break down as well.

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babycastles residency

"Our goal is to select four residents in the fall for a three month residency period from October 15 to January 15. Residents are expected to participate in public events such as giving a talk, streaming a demo of their project, or leading a workshop. Residents will participate in Babycastles’ Discord community and monthly check-ins with other residents as they work on their projects."

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Tiddlyblink + glitch is an easy way to get your tiddlywiki with bi-directional linking to the web. Hopefully this leads to many small digital gardens.

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just enjoying reading about minitel again. at roughly this time period i was using BBSes and dial-up in the US. i learned about minitel in my middle school french class but never got to try it.

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