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Hi folks, just joined, thanks to @neauoire for the invite. excited to be part of this community. i mostly do art/coding/noise-jamming , tool-building , linux-wrangling, zine-making type things. i also work on games and am an organizer at babycastles collective. hello to new and old friends

I'll be speaking on Interactive Storytelling this friday at noon EST as part of the book launch for Interactive Storytelling for the Screen. Free registration:

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masto meta question 

i am starting a worker-owned tech cooperative with some awesome friends! i am setting up the social media accounts and i was wondering -- whats a good mastodon instance for the coop? i know this instance is generally for individuals and their personal practice, but i actually dont know the fediverse too well beyond here and any thoughts? does self-hosting an instance make sense?

anyone have any suggestions for quick exporting a basic wordpress site to a static site?

I've inherited a very old wordpress site for a project and it doesn't need a backend, comments, new blog posts, etc. Ideally i'd just convert to HTML + CSS and stick it on my own server.
I'm not seeing any any simple tools for this job however.

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BTW - Godot (the best FOSS game engine out there) is looking for help in improving their audio system. If anyone here is into audio, programming and also game developmen - please join the discussion! Let's make Unreal and Unity sweat :D
#Godot #GodotEngine #FOSS #Audio #GameDev

Artists, creative practitioners, musicians, programmers -> do you like to make a statement about your ideals or principles on your website? And how do you like to communicate that? Manifestos? Blog posts? A list of principles or solidarity?

The second part of this is considering who my audience is, and what and why I want to communicate with them.

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Hey people new to Mastodon!

Did you know that Mastodon is part of a wider network called the Fediverse?

These (and more) are on the Fediverse too:

PixelFed - an Instagram alternative (

PeerTube - a YouTube alternative (

WriteFreely - a blogging platform like Medium (

Lemmy - a Reddit alternative (

You can follow Fediverse accounts from Mastodon, because Fediverse platforms talk to each other.

For fans of sound art, soldering DIY projects, building physical stringed and bowed instruments...

"This was also the reunion of their “soldering band”, Deer Tick—a band which does not play live shows or even instruments, but rather solders circuits together."

doing my first test-stream of live broadcasting my generative modular synth setup. will try again in future. just a 10 or 20 min test to see how what the process is like

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getting ready to live code inside a website next week with Celeste Betancur, as part of Oscillation Festival (

Really happy to share this "live" in the browser rather than via a video stream with terrible compression.

thanks to @munshkr for help with embedding flok <3

Had a really great class today. My students collaboratively designed voice user interface-playable games and talked about addressing accessibility. And then when class ended I got a short email that an app I had spent hours/days prepping that I wasn't able to submit (due to an error with uploading something) would now allow me to re-submit.

My class for "Social Software" (not until next fall) is completely full after only 2 days of open enrollment, and a waiting list of 10 students, wow.

I screwed something up! I was a minute late to hit the submit button for something that was due. I was pushing to the last minute, like an idiot,, and I was locked out! ARRRRRRGGGGH. Hopefully this is a learning moment for me.

@notimetoplay i haven't tried this yet, but just came across tonight. FORTH WARRIOR. thought you might dig.

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my /now page is a "now and then" page. is that what other people do or am i doing it "wrong"?

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