Typing on my new Atreus keyboard. Might change more bottom keycap colors. Happy with the keyboard so far, tho it’s only been two hours.

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@exquisitecorp I got mine yesterday. I type at like... 1 word per minute on it. Any tips?

@jcmorrow i just got mine tonight, i don't know why, but it doesn't take me any time to learn new layouts, so i don't have any tips, i'm just lucky i think. but i'm loving it so far. perfect size. you should see it next to my larger monitor, pretty funny. i bought it for when i'm mobile but of course i'm mostly trapped inside right now.

@jcmorrow also, sounds like you may benefit from a different layout? typing really slow maybe indicates it's not a natural system for you. if you feel like playing with Chrysalis, try moving things around to where they feel like they SHOULD go!

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