I guess I'm a retro-grouch to really love these old video games like Hammurabi. I didn't realize it dates to 1968!


It' based on The Sumerian Game from 1964!


and a modern remake with beautiful hand-drawn graphics from LabLabLab at Concordia University

@exquisitecorp Hamurabi is one of my favorite games. Got my own clone, called Land/Lord, that I wrote for a custom Basic and later ported even to shell script.


@notimetoplay Yes, would love to see it if you feel like sharing, even just a screenshot! I think lots of these games were coded in BASIC since a version of that came on home computers at that time like Commodore-64, and I think games like this spread through the type-in magazines and books from that time

David Ahl's BASIC computer games with dozens of type-in games is hugely inspirational to me!

Love the illustrations in these as well! Here's More BASIC computer games archive.org/details/More_BASIC

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@exquisitecorp I entered the Spectrum port into a type-in game jam years ago: notimetoplay.itch.io/land-lord and the shell script port is here: ctrl-c.club/~nttp/games/

@notimetoplay thanks for these resources! looking forward to reading your book and playing more of your games!

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