Any very simple GUI (or TUI) frameworks/toolkits with simple scripting or WYSIWIG-ish you can recommend? I am teaching a user interface class in the spring and will split the class into 4 modules: text user interfaces, graphical user interfaces, voice user interfaces, speculative user interfaces.

I have all but the GUI one pretty firmed up.

In the past I taught Hypercard intro then Applescript on classroom computers before transition to HTML/CSS but this semester is remote and i'm rethinking

@exquisitecorp maybe i am misinterpreting, but how about something like shoes?

@benjaminwil yes, these are the kinds of things i'm thinking of. Also, Plan9!

My students primarily have Java and Javascript experience and maybe python or C# and a bit of HTML/CSS but no Ruby or Shell so i always have to think through how many languages/frameworks i want to cover (probably too many!). my classes are generally considered for cs majors as well as advanced new media students.


@benjaminwil and if not already clear, i'm not in a very traditional CS department and have a lot of freedom to teach how and what i want, thankfullly

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@exquisitecorp sounds really amazing. i’d love to see what the shape of the course looks like when you’re finished.

if python is familiar for the students ruby maybe isn’t that out-of-left-field, but i can appreciate that more languages == less accessible course calendar.

i will keep thinking about other things i’ve played with. best wishes to you and your curriculum.

@benjaminwil i will def make it public, especially now that teaching is through the internet!

My course has a very traditional name: Creating User Interfaces, but i take the approach at looking at old/early interfaces, informed by David Reinfurt's incredible book A New Program For Graphic Design, and future-oriented. The course is less strident on nuts and bolts mastery and more about history, meaning, accessibility, experimentation. So i try to cover a lot of material rather than mastery.

@exquisitecorp that sounds so rad. wish i had taken courses like that ~

@benjaminwil what did you study? my undergrad was very different from what i (ostensibly) teach now. i took sociology, opera, art, politics, philosophy, electronic music. but i try to bring all of that to my teaching

@exquisitecorp creative writing (poetry focus) & film studies, but i’m now on one of those technical career paths (dev, ex-technical writer)

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