Can someone explain to me why Gitea development is hosted on GitHub instead of a self-hosted Gitea instance? Is it because it’s difficult to host a git server using your own in-development git software? I’d imagine they could use a LTS-type instance? Or maybe I’m being naive or overlooking something. But this has always bewildered me!

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@exquisitecorp GitHub is the FaceBook of nerds. You don't go there to make software.

@notimetoplay ah, so you’re saying it’s used to market Gitea publicly on GitHub? I think that’s an interesting theory, but sad if true, and not much of a vote of self-confidence. At the least they could have it be a mirror of a gitea instance

@exquisitecorp That, and it's where they can recruit help without asking people to make yet another account online.

@exquisitecorp it's in their FAQ but they're working on it, looks like all that is left is actually migrating

@maxc thanks for that link. reading it now it doesn’t look like a priority to make the change. last post there is from 2019

@exquisitecorp yep. I imagine it's important to them to get the external contribution but as you say not a great vote of self confidence. That said I've used gitea internally at a few places and it works fine. We even used it for a repo which also has a github counterpart (not just a mirror, we take prs and issues through github and keep history compatible) and I'm not sure why they couldn't do similar.

@maxc yeah i find it confusing, we use gitea on tildegit and i like it better than github

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