raku-glazed ceramics raspberry pi and pi zero cases

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when i get some time next week i'll plug in the cables and hook em up to monitors. i made holes for hdmi, usb, power, etc.

@exquisitecorp I love how organic it looks.

my mom is a potter with a small studio, and I have some raspberries lying around. something I may want to try out at some point (we've also been meaning to make an audio-visual sculpture together). no raku kiln, unfortunately.

@exquisitecorp This looks unbelievably cool.

Can you imagine digging an ancient greek artifact, opening it and seeing a weird electronic device inside?

That's is exactly how this looks.

@exquisitecorp just like how the ancients enclosed THEIR single-board computers!

@exquisitecorp I'm looking forward to hearing how they treat you. I'm curious as to whether you'll encounter any issues with heat.

@exquisitecorp the smol case looks like it could theoretically fit a full-size pi.. hmm

@domi I’ll test but I’m not sure. The ceramics shrink a bit as they dry and I miscalculated since I didn’t have a zero on me at the time, but I left plenty of space for cables and a hat

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