workshop teaching opportunity 

I'm recruiting again for guest online workshop leaders for some (paid) workshops for Babycastles, the art collective/videogame crew/DIY space I work with in NY.

Playlist of past online workshops here:

Topics I'm interested in hosting:

Intro to PD/Pure Data, Intro or Intermediate Twine (or Inform), Intro to Klik n Play, Intro / Intermediate Puzzlescript, Beginner, Intermediate and advanced workshops in Unity or Godot, Hotglue, Love2d,


workshop teaching opportunity 

...beginner/intermediate/advanced p5.js oriented to our community, digital preservation and/or version control (particularly oriented to our community), more Pico-8 workshops, self-hosting with NextCloud and/or Yunohost, tabletop game development.

These are not the only topics we'd be interested in! We pay workshop instructors with a grant and support from our members as well as donations.

more info on the program:

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workshop teaching opportunity 

@exquisitecorp would you be interested in an intro to uxn workshop? especially considering that it is portable / has been ported to several (gaming) devices already 😁

workshop teaching opportunity 

@sejo yeah

workshop teaching opportunity 

@sejo emailing you now FYI

workshop teaching opportunity 

@exquisitecorp awesome :tealheart: thanks!

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