There's a print and play paper roguelike here called Chronicles of Stampadia
A new dungeon is generated each day.

There's also a a digital way to play as well.
I played one game, interesting mechanics translating from computer "AI" (randomness) back to paper (since D&D is often cited as one of the main inspirations for roguelikes).

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@exquisitecorp I'm glad Kesiev is still making stuff! My very first open source work was documenting a game engine they wrote

@darius oh that's cool (link to it, if you feel like it:)

here's a video from roguelike celebration this year where francesco talks about chronicles of stampadia

@darius oh this is cool!

I taught a class in "social software" this semester and many students worked on documentation of open source software (particularly games) for their final project. I think it feels very meaningful for people to assist in these projects in tangible ways like this.

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