ANyone have a suggestion for a send-away option for film developing and scanning in the US? or a NYC-area suggestion?
I have a combo of color and black and white rolls, a large amount, and don't want to hand develop.
Looking just for developing and scanning.

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FYI prices I see in Brooklyn are like $13.99 for processing + low res scan + $6 for TIFF or $16 for high-res tiff. sounds exorbitant for 10 rolls.

hahha look at this carefully disguised automatically generated page when i tried to search for CVS pharmacy film development. hidden within all these questions about photo processing is a question answered about CVS "cyclic vomiting syndrome" lolz

@exquisitecorp they're not cheap, but I used for a long time, and they do really good work, including being "with it" enough to not work on things that are just ruined for whatever reason... they won't scan and do all the work on a roll full of blanks. Plus, their scans are super high resolution.

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